Just a little longer!

If you've been keeping an eye on the La-Mulana blog, you should be aware that Nigoro is very much in touch with its fans. When the game was still in development, the team asked its fanbase about music, potential censoring and many other things.

With a USK rating in tow and a final lotcheck all that remains, the game's release should — at last — be with us imminently, but Nigoro has one more questionnaire for the fans, concerning how it should handle the release of the game's highly-regarded soundtrack.

Likely to be released digitally through services like iTunes, Nigoro wants to know what features the soundtrack should have: how many times should each song loop, should the music be recorded from the game or the original composition program, and what bonus features should be included?

If you head on over to the La-Mulana blog, you can let Nigoro know your thoughts on these questions. If the past is anything to go by, it'll take every answer into careful consideration.

[source la-mulana.com]