Coming to 3DS? We don't know. Sorry.

Masahiro Sakurai's long-awaited Kid Icarus: Uprising is coming to 3DS around Christmas this year, and impatient gamers are looking towards Pit's previous outings to plug the gap. Wii owners can already play Kid Icarus on Virtual Console, but will 3DS owners get a downloadable slice of Pit too?

A recent IGN interview with Masahiro Sakurai pitched readers' questions to the producer, with one user asking if the original NES version would be included in the 3DS cartridge, receiving a "no comment" from Sakurai. How about a 3D Classics version, though? Sakurai says:

As far as it appearing on the Virtual Console, it's very possible and I've been in some talks regarding that recently.

The original Kid Icarus was released on Game Boy Advance in Japan, but as Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters launched in North America and Europe — but not Japan, strangely — in the early 1990s it would be a pretty safe bet for a Virtual Console release on 3DS.

Would you like to see a 3D Classic revamp of the original Kid Icarus? Let us know in the comments below.