Aksys Games has just published the box art and first four screen shots of their upcoming title BIT.TRIP SAGA, and they've done what we've hoped publishers would do since we first saw the words "2D image of a Nintendo 3DS game" – they've released a 3D image of a Nintendo 3DS game.

Hopefully the early June system update will streamline the process, but for now you can download the shot to your 3DS SD card to view it with that mouth-watering extra dimension (make sure that you right- or alt-click the prior link and save the target to download the file rather than clicking the link, as the image will display as a flat 2D JPEG otherwise). Just save it to the second folder within DCIM, which should be called 100NIN03 or something similar, eject the card and pop it back into your system. Remember to make sure you're not using the SD card when you eject it from either, and use the Safely Remove Hardware function if you're running a Windows computer.

Thanks to Odnetnin for sending this in.

[source gameinformer.com]