Win, sure. But try and look good while you're at it

We already know what's going to be included in FIFA 12 on the 3DS, now it's time to find out what's been left out of the game and why.

With the Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA brands leading the way in football (or what is known as soccer in the U.S.) games, it's interesting to see what FIFA 12 is willing to provide considering Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D has set the bar ― however high or low ― by establishing itself as the first 3DS football game. As reported earlier in the week, gamers looking to play each other online will be disappointed as the game will not be supporting server-based matches, but local head-to-head matches can still be participated in. What else has been taken off the proverbial pitch and left looking on from the sidelines?

As revealed in a Nintendo World Report interview with producer Matt Prior, EA Canada wanted to get the fundamentals right first before utilising every feature the 3DS has to offer:

We looked into [StreetPass, SpotPass, AR and gyroscope features] early in the development cycle, but with our first foray into FIFA on the 3DS we wanted to make sure we got the fundamentals right and focus on getting the core game solid, while at the same time innovating in key areas. We did this by developing a lot of content and modes, and revolutionizing the gameplay with unique 3DS features, which we have done with the addition of touch screen shooting. We wanted to focus on getting those things right and creating a very solid platform on which to build in the future. The exciting part about this is that there are still many 3DS features we can experiment with so yes, you can absolutely expect future features to utilize all the cool 3DS hardware.

Although it was listed as a feature in the official press release, online play is something EA Sports is only considering for future instalments in the series. Players will have to make do with what is featured in FIFA 12: over 500 teams to choose from, more than 50 official tournaments to take part in, and over 50 stadiums in which you can display the skills that pay the bills. Players can also choose to play in the Street mode which sounds very similar to what was featured in FIFA 11 on the Wii, where the challenge lies in building up a player from the streets to a world-class international star, as well as the usual tournaments and local head-to-head matches.

When asked how FIFA 12 will stand out from the competition, Prior replied:

We have created a game uniquely for the 3DS and have implemented numerous features that enhance the 3D. We have also revolutionized gameplay with the addition of touch screen shooting. Scoring is the highest high in football and now we have given a level of control to gamers never before seen. The user can pinpoint exactly where they want to shoot and it adds a level of satisfaction and reward that we have never had up until now. All of this adds up to the best handheld game we have made and a worthy addition to the FIFA franchise.