We know that there are three Adventure Island games coming to Virtual Console, and the trio of island-bound adventures kicks off this Friday with Adventure Island II for 500 Points.

Hudson hero Master Higgins still has his faithful axe as well as the ability to join forces with four dinosaurs, each with unique abilities that come into play as he adventures across land, under the sea and in the air.

Hopefully the following weeks will bring 16-bit follow-ups Super Adventure Island and Super Adventure Island II.

Virtual Console – Adventure Island II
(HUDSON SOFT, 500 Wii Points)
Master Higgins is back in the second instalment of the classic Adventure Island series. This time, the Evil Witch Doctor and his monsters have taken over the island and captured Higgins's sweetheart too.

In order to save her, you must guide Higgins through eight island stages of increasing difficulty. Along the way, you’ll encounter numerous enemies and obstacles, culminating in a battle that will test your abilities to their limits.

As well as relying on your wits, Higgins can draw on the service of his trusty axe and enlist the help of four dinosaurs, each with different abilities to aid you on your journey across land, sea and even air. With the help of his companions, only Master Higgins can restore peace to the island and save the damsel in distress.