A few days ago we spotted a rating for Super Adventure Island on the OFLC, but now yet another game in the series has been rated for the Virtual Console, although this time it's by the ESRB instead of the OFLC.

It might be easy to miss on the ESRB site, as it's not a "new" rating, but if you search for Super Adventure Island II, you will find that the game's old SNES rating has been updated to include Wii as one of its systems, thus indicating that it will join its predecessors on the service sometime in the future.

Super Adventure Island II was the last game in the series for a long time, until a bunch of mobile phone spin-offs and Adventure Island: The Beginning were released. It's also a return to the series roots, in a way - As you may know, the original Adventure Island was simply a NES conversion of Wonder Boy. After it, Adventure Island continued making similar games, while Wonder Boy became more of an action RPG series.

Well, Super Adventure Island II finally follows in Wonder Boy's footsteps and summons up a unique action RPG twist to go along with its usual gameplay. There are only six levels, but all of them are big and require multiple trips back and forth in order to reach treasures using new items you've collected from the previous islands. It's quite entertaining, too!

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