This place could do with looking more mysterious

If the 3DS was to be personified, it would surely be a hip youngster helping old ladies cross busy streets. However, when we say old ladies, we mean games developers, and by crossing busy streets, we actually mean render in-game fog effects. Close enough.

In D3Publisher's upcoming retro shooter Dream Trigger 3D, there's a level where players float through a foggy forest, and apparently the developers didn't have to create the volumetric fog from scratch.

When Siliconera spoke to a D3Publisher representative, it was revealed that the 3DS actually has a chip with fog effects built-in to it. To what extent is unknown, but the fact that programmers didn't have to start from scratch must be a little bonus for development studios.

Whilst we wait for the game to launch in North America this May, why not check out the latest gameplay trailer and screenshots?