Last September, we brought you word on Shin'en Multimedia's upcoming racing title FAST - Racing League, and with the German developer's track record of producing visually-compelling titles, this racing game doesn't seem to deviate from that reputation at all.

The game's website has been updated with some new screenshots and they're certainly looking very lush indeed, especially when you take into account that FAST - Racing League is a WiiWare game. Talk about deja-vu! Set in the year 2112, people are lapping up high-speed races and the anti-gravity vehicles make things all the more fun. With various play modes, split-screen four player action, numerous challenges and unlockables to tuck into, gamers will soon be feeling their heads sinking further back into the headrest in this WiiWare exclusive.

Shin'en stresses that although FAST - Racing League shares aesthetic similarities with WipEout, and F-Zero, the similarities end there because the game uses different play mechanics. Incidentally, Shin'en Multimedia Project Manager Manfred Linzner has been interacting with our readers and when questioned about the rumours surrounding a 3DS project, Linzner replied with a rather ambiguous:

Well, some say Shin'en always did best with a sequel. Maybe it's time to go even further..

Make of that what you will, but we certainly hope to see more of Jett Rocket in a stereoscopic kind of way. We already know we can expect to see Jett Rocket returning in some form or another, but in what new direction will the series take?