All I wanna do is zoom-a-zoom-zoom-zoom

Shin'en Multimedia is on a WiiWare hot streak. After the impressive puzzler Art of Balance and platformer Jett Rocket, the German development studio is in a good position to score a service hat trick.

Today the studio revealed its next project, a futuristic racer called FAST - Racing League. Details are few and far between, but Shin'en managing director Manfred Linzer told us that it's not just a simple WipEout clone nor a kart racer.

The slogan on the game's official Web site states "Shift your phase," and the ship art hints at a color/phase-changing mechanic, possibly similar to the one found in Treasure's shoot-em-up Ikaruga.

Given the crazy magicks that Shin'en used to push WiiWare in its past releases, we can at least reasonably expect a technologically impressive game. Stay tuned for Nintendo Life for more on FAST.