Jett Sports Resort, maybe

Graphically resplendent and rather enjoyable WiiWare platformer Jett Rocket has been making waves since landing in June, and those who've clocked the adventure may have already seen this closing screen that hints at a reappearance for the jumpsuited Jett. Well, don't expect to see him repeating his platforming antics in the next title as Shin'en's Project Manager Manfred Linzner spoke about Jett's return in a recent interview with The Bit Block.

Interviewer: After completing Jett Rocket players are shown a screen during the credits which mentions Jett Rocket 2. Is there anything you can possibly tell us about the game’s sequel at this time?
Manfred Linzner: Jett Rocket [will] come back. And maybe in a different way then expected. That's all I can say right now.

As well as teasing the series' future, Mr Linzner also discussed his feelings about episodic titles, saying:

We don’t like to have our customers paying twice or triple for a similiar experience. So I doubt we will ever do something like that.

That rules out Jett Rocket: Episode Two, then. What possible incarnations of Jett might we see in the future? Let us know your thoughts.