If you think all that's left in the BIT.TRIP series is BIT.TRIP FLUX, you might want to take a second guess. In true Gaijin Games style, programmer Chris Osborn teases us with some rather intriguing tidbits.

Speaking to Destructoid, Osborn reveals that he is working on BIT.TRIP RUNNER in some form or another "right now". Whether that means Gaijin Games is working on a sequel, prequel, port or something else, Osborn would not divulge. When quizzed about the possibility of a follow-up to RUNNER, he thinks it would be foolish not to revisit it at some point because of how popular the game is.

Fellow Gaijin Games staffer Alex Neuse implied (or didn't) that the four-man studio has (or hasn't) a 3DS development kit so perhaps we'll see BIT.TRIP RUNNER 3D at some point in the future? Until then, we still have the upcoming BIT.TRIP FLUX to tuck into and as Osborn reveals, development on the game is completed and now it's just a matter of waiting for its 2011 release.

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