Camelot's Golden Sun: Dark Dawn certainly took its sweet time to arrive, with a seven year wait between Golden Sun: The Lost Age and the latest Adept adventure. Now the game is finished, however, what's developer Camelot looking forward to next? Like nearly every Nintendo fan it's the 3DS, of course.

One of the two founding Takahashi brothers, Hiroyuki, was recently interviewed by IGN where he spoke of the 3DS's exciting potential:

Do you think we will ever see the return to some of Camelot's other great games on Wii or even 3DS? What are some projects you'd like to work on for 3DS?

Takahashi: I'm afraid I can't go into detail at this time, but the features of Nintendo 3DS are really exciting to me as a developer. I'm really excited to challenge myself and create something for it.

Whilst at least one Nintendo Life staff member would love to see Camelot patch up its relationship with Sega for a Shining Force 3DS, the smart money would be on a fourth Golden Sun outing or one of the company's beloved Mario sports titles. An updated version of Virtual Boy classic Mario's Tennis would certainly hit the spot.