Omega Five: Soon to be part of the 3DS diet

Hudson's been keeping pretty quiet on the 3DS front since it pledged its support for the machine back in June at the E3 expo. Initial announcements of the Bomberman, Deca Sports, and Kororinpa franchises are now beefed up thanks to an additional three titles that have been added to the company's Japanese website.

First up is the side-scrolling shooter Omega Five, which was originally developed by Natsume and published by Hudson on the Xbox Live Arcade download service. It's currently not known if this 3DS release will be an entirely new game or an updated port.

When we caught up with Hudson Soft producer Andrew Plempel to talk about the upcoming WiiWare release of Bonk: Brink of Extinction, he hinted at some classic Hudson franchises making a return but wasn't even sure what platforms they would be on. Was a Bonk 3DS title what he was reluctant to talk about? Either way, the little bald guy will be butting heads on the 3DS next year as the franchise returns for more platforming action.

Last but not least, is the 3DS instalment of the iconic Tetris franchise. Hudson was in charge of bringing the WiiWare title Tetris Party over for a retail release in the form of Tetris Party Deluxe with its new modes, and it doesn't look like all that block-dropping fun is about to stop there as the 3DS will be getting its own Tetris game next year too.

Here's the list of currently-announced 3DS titles and their scheduled release periods (all names are temporary working titles).

Spring 2011:
Deca Sports Extreme
Omega Five