Two's company...

A couple of months ago at E3, it was made known that amongst the strong third-party support for the upcoming 3DS, numerous games were in the planning stages and two Tom Clancy titles were just a couple of examples. Today, Ubisoft has announced that Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon will also be released on the Wii, with a scheduled North American release penned for November.

The narrative follows Ghost soldiers Hibbard and Booth as they touchdown in Moscow, Russia and are separated from the rest of their team. With no other choice but to operate as a two-man-team, our soldiers must make their way to the target with the help of the local militia. With the odds heavily against them, players must utilise the advanced weaponry and training if they are to overcome the enemy. Game features include:

  • A true Ghost Recon experience: Progress through 12 missions of high intensity combat, tactical infiltration and WOW moments, from the villages of Norway to the streets of Moscow. No matter your skill level, Ghost Recon on Wii is designed to specifically accommodate a wide range of players, from casual players to hardcore gamers.
  • Built from the ground co-op experience: Two players in third-person on one screen make the experience more natural, more intuitive and more social than ever. Co-Op Hot Join: Friends can hop in and out of co-op at-will, with the AI taking over as needed.
  • Arcade Mode: Play in cooperative mode and compare your score online on the world leader boards.

We reported back in February that Ubisoft would be bringing Ghost Recon: Future Soldier to the Wii but with a "different approach" to its HD counterparts. It seems that difference is the cooperative approach that's lightly showcased in the announcement trailer.