Extract my metal fist.

Dead Space Extraction was one of 2009's unexpected gems, offering tense action and a polished production values. Sadly the game sold very poorly at retail, which might be why EA is apparently investigating ways of delivering this on-rails blaster to a wider audience.

Kotaku has reported on a survey for "possible incentives" for unlockables in Dead Space 2, including "Dead Space Extraction HD":

One survey's description of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 port of Dead Space Extraction indicates that any planned port of the game would feature the same on-rails "guided first-person experience" gameplay, pitched as an "interactive horror experience" in "full HD." A tentative price of $15 USD was mentioned in the survey forwarded to Kotaku.

Whilst this will probably come as welcome news to Xbox and PS3 owners and fans of the series it strikes us as a real shame that EA is having to resort to such desperate measures to salvage the cost of developing what was previously a very solid Wii exclusive.

We for one would welcome another "Extraction" style game for Wii, does this shift make it any less likely? Hopefully not.

[source kotaku.com]