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Saturday30th Jul 2016

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    New 3DS / SNES

    Review Street Fighter II' Turbo: Hyper Fighting

    Speedy fighting on the go

    Ever since SNES games were announced as coming to the New Nintendo 3DS it seemed inevitable that Capcom would jump at the chance to flog us Street Fighter II again and - sure enough - here it is. In a surprise move they've skipped the World Warrior port and moved straight to Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting, released...

Thursday28th Jul 2016

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    New 3DS / SNES

    Review Mega Man X

    Mega Xcitement

    The Mega Man games provided people with enjoyable action-platforming and Capcom was happy to keep producing more and more of them to be purchased and played. 1993 (at least in Japan) saw the release of the sixth NES game in the series, but also the start of something new. Following Virtual Console releases (and a compilation) of the...

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Tuesday12th Jul 2016

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    New 3DS / SNES

    Review Kirby's Dream Course

    Kirby's Krazy Golf

    Super NES title Kirby's Dream Course has made it to the New Nintendo 3DS, and we had to see how this non-conventional Kirby title has held up since its initial release in 1994. Kirby's Dream Course is effectively crazy golf with our little pink pal acting as the ball. Kirby has three lives with four attempts each, and unless...

Thursday7th Jul 2016

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    New 3DS / SNES

    Review Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts

    Move over, Maximo

    These days, it's in vogue to bemoan Mega Man's absence from the gaming scene. Mega Man, however, is not the only franchise Capcom has forgotten; one of its more egregious crimes is leaving the mighty Knight Arthur himself by the wayside. Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts is a classic SNES title and one of the hardest games on the platform...

Monday27th Jun 2016

Saturday25th Jun 2016

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    New 3DS / SNES

    Review Mega Man 7

    The worst Mega Man is still good

    Mega Man 7 is a game that came at the wrong time. By the time of its original 1995 release fans were a bit beleaguered by continued rapid-fire releases, and interest had shifted from the portly robot that could to his slimmer, cooler younger brother - Mega Man X. If you've played one Mega Man game, you'll be...

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Friday27th May 2016

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    New 3DS / SNES

    Review Contra III: The Alien Wars

    Portable blockbuster

    The year is 2636 and some aliens have popped over to earth for a visit. At first it seems they are putting on a fancy light show but then buildings start exploding and the alien wars begin! Contra III: The Alien Wars is a run and gun classic full of action as you "attack aggressively" in an attempt to defeat those pesky...

Tuesday24th May 2016

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    New 3DS / SNES

    Review Super Punch-Out!!

    Thinking with your fists

    Thanks to the standard Virtual Console suspension and restore point functions any SNES re-release on New Nintendo 3DS can be played in whatever sized chunks are allowed by your free time and battery life. There are, however, some that work particularly well as a handheld title, such as this game - a game so exciting it needs...

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Friday29th Apr 2016

  • Poll Are You Confident About Nintendo's 3DS Focus for 2016?

    The portable's still vital at five years old

    The headlines earlier this week often focused on 2017. The NX and the new Legend of Zelda are both due next year, and in the nearer future there are particularly low Wii U sales forecasts; as a result the 3DS is going to be central to Nintendo's 2016. The portable has done the job of carrying Nintendo to...

Saturday23rd Apr 2016

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Saturday16th Apr 2016

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    New 3DS / SNES

    Review Pilotwings

    Enjoyable flying fun

    Just as Pilotwings Resort was a good demonstration of the glasses-free 3D visuals offered by the 3DS, the original Pilotwings showcased the impressive (for the time) Mode 7 capabilities of the SNES. This first game in the series is now available as a Virtual Console release for New Nintendo 3DS owners, offering a number of fun...

Wednesday13th Apr 2016

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Thursday7th Apr 2016

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    New 3DS / SNES

    Review Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

    Monkey magnificence

    After the success of Donkey Kong Country it wasn't particularly surprising that sequels appeared; the first SNES follow-up is now available to New Nintendo 3DS owners, allowing them to enjoy this wonderful platformer on the go. Donkey Kong has been kidnapped, so this time around Diddy has teamed up with Dixie Kong for the...