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  • News 3DS Hits 15 Million Sales Landmark in the US

    Nearly 270 million US Nintendo system sales overall

    After a rocky start in 2011, the 3DS family of systems - which includes the 2DS and New Nintendo 3DS - has evolved into a success. Against increasingly challenging odds due to the rise of smart devices and plenty of other distractions, it's led the charge for the dedicated gaming handheld space...

Wednesday10th Jun 2015

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Saturday6th Jun 2015

  • Poll We Need to Talk About amiibo - Where Do You Stand?

    Awesome collectibles, source of frustration, a bit of both?

    As we approach the 'expo we cannot name' - oh alright, E3 - we can't help but wonder how many times Nintendo will mention amiibo. Will we learn more about the amiibo cards that'll accompany Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer? Will there be more blasted Smash Bros. waves that we'll...

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  • Video Gawk at Streets of Rage 2 in 3D on Your New Nintendo 3DS

    Grand Upper!

    We may be waiting until the Summer for the next batch of 3D Classics from Sega in the West, but Japanese gamers can look forward to 3D Streets of Rage 2 this week, on 28th April; yes, we're jealous. The good news is that Sega's official YouTube channel has served up a taster of how the brilliant fighting game will look on Nintendo's...

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