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  • Feature The Biggest 3DS Games of 2016

    Fire Emblem! Hyrule Warriors! Metroid Prime-ish! Old Pokémon! More!

    2016 has arrived, and with it comes optimism and potential for an exciting gaming year ahead. Though plenty of eyes are turning to the next generation of Nintendo hardware, of course, we nevertheless have a fairly busy line-up on the way for 3DS, the portable that continues to keep...

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  • Game of the Year Nintendo Life's Staff Awards 2015

    A tight battle for top spot

    Another year of gaming has passed, so it's time to look back and pick out some of our favourites. 2015 was - it's fair to say - a mixed year for Nintendo; in terms of major game releases there were some undoubted highs, but also a range of disappointing spin-offs and minor releases. On the flipside it felt like a strong...

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  • News 3DS System Update to Version 10.2.0-28 is Now Live

    So stable it'll blow your mind

    How much stability can one system handle? At what point does it reach peak stability? Nintendo's keen to find out with the 3DS. You see, the 3DS (New and original models) has now been updated to version 10.2.0-28, which is a minor increase of one on that last figure; basically that means it's a stability update. At...

Thursday1st Oct 2015

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