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    New Nintendo 3DS

    Review Hyperlight EX

    Faster than...

    This review was originally going to begin with the saying "Imitation is the best form of flattery," but we found that it wouldn't be accurate for Hyperlight EX. While, at first glance, the game looks like a simple Geometry Wars clone, Hyperlight EX soon reveals itself to be something quite different. CatfishBlues Games has taken the...

  • Nintendo Download 15th December (Europe)

    Minecraft Complete Story! Pikmin 2! Teslapunk! Loads of discounts!

    The European Nintendo Download Update details arrived a little later than normal, giving us a look at what to expect this week. It's a packed line-up, with lots of Minecraft storytelling, a well-regarded Wii re-release of a GameCube sequel, a number of 'Nindie' titles, discounts...

Monday5th Dec 2016

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Friday25th Nov 2016

  • News Hyperlight EX Blasting Onto New 3DS on 1st December

    Shoot all of the things

    Colourful, intense shoot 'em ups are still a staple in gaming, ideal for unwinding or getting hyped up, whatever takes your fancy. The eShop, on both Wii U and 3DS, has had a few strong shooters to date, but there's definitely room for more. For fans of the genre there's some good news, as Hyperlight EX now has a final...

Wednesday23rd Nov 2016

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    New 3DS

    Review Futuridium EP Deluxe

    Let's blow this thing and go home

    Support for the Unity engine on the New Nintendo 3DS has only attracted a small number of quality downloads, a pity but inevitable due to how late the engine arrived fully on the portable. When used well, though, it delivers some highly enjoyable gameplay and relatively flashy visuals - Futuridium EP Deluxe achieves...

Friday11th Nov 2016

  • Reminder Fresh New Nintendo 3DS XL Colours Out Now in Europe

    Mainland Europe even gets hot pink

    Announced way back in August, three additional colours for the New Nintendo 3DS XL are now out in Europe, though availability varies depending on where you are. There's a 'Rose' and white model in mainland Europe (hot pink, really), while the UK also joins in with the Orange / Black and 'Pearl White' editions...

Monday7th Nov 2016

Friday28th Oct 2016

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    3DS eShop / New 3DS

    Review Pixel Hunter

    This game is not in season

    Any list of the greatest games of the 8-bit era is sure to include the likes Mega Man and Super Mario Bros., along with their fantastic sequels. Conversely, many lists of modern greats will include Minecraft. Pixel Hunter draws inspiration from all of these titles in obvious ways, but doesn't replicate the qualities that...