New Nintendo 3DS - Timeline

Wednesday26th Oct 2016

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    3DS eShop / SNES

    Review Super Castlevania IV

    The (Belmont) Boys Are Back in Town

    The Super NES is, for many, Nintendo's greatest console. It boasted a software library that was an envy of competitors and had more than enough power to stave off unfavourable comparisons to arcade games of its age. Unlike many of Nintendo's more recent home consoles, the SNES is remembered just as much for its...

Wednesday5th Oct 2016

Saturday1st Oct 2016

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    New 3DS

    Review Wind-up Knight 2

    ​A New 3DS Noble

    There have been more animals who have been nominated for governmental office in the world than games exclusive to the New 3DS. Yet of this meager pool, two are runner-style titles. There is the upcoming Runbow Pocket, which to be fair is more of an action-platformer, and then there is Wind-up Knight 2, available on the New 3DS...

Wednesday28th Sep 2016

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    3DS eShop / SNES

    Review The Legend of the Mystical Ninja

    Still hanging in there

    The Legend of the Mystical Ninja is a perfect throwback to the '90s: a time when Konami was still revered among gamers, games were heavily edited for Western markets, and Nintendo reigned supreme. If you haven't heard of the Mystical Ninja series, we won't hold it against you. It's something of a cult-classic in the Western...

Monday19th Sep 2016

Wednesday14th Sep 2016

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    New 3DS / SNES

    Review Final Fight 3

    Metro City rampage

    It was a mistake to come back to Metro City, Guy realised. With the Mad Gear gang defeated he'd hoped for a pleasant day where he could catch up with people, but instead he finds himself in a tricky situation. Stood in the Mayor's office, he's trying desperately not to comment on Haggar's ridiculous ponytail. He can't take it any...

  • News New 3DS Stays on Top in Japan As Wii U Holds Top Spot Among Home Consoles, For Now

    Release of updated PS4 model likely to end brief Wii U run

    Though there are more exciting times ahead in terms of new games, we're in the middle of a relatively quiet spell of major releases. That's certainly the case in Japan, where the limited number of new releases are struggling to make much of an impact. In fact, the Media Create charts are...

Tuesday13th Sep 2016

Saturday10th Sep 2016

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    New 3DS / SNES

    Review Mega Man X3

    Flawed finale

    It was 1995 or 1996 (depending on where you lived) and for the third year running Capcom released a Mega Man X game on the SNES. Further games in the series would follow but whilst X's 1-6 would arrive on the GameCube in Mega Man X Collection, Mega Man X3 would be the last in the series for the SNES and now presumably the New Nintendo...

Thursday8th Sep 2016

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    New 3DS / SNES

    Review Mega Man X2

    Extra X

    Thanks to 16-bit visual loveliness and some new moves, the first Mega Man X stood out from the many 8-bit Mega Man games that had popped up on the NES and Game Boy. Released the following year, this sequel may lack the freshness of that first title, but Mega Man X2 still provides the expected action-platforming fun, backed by some great...

Friday2nd Sep 2016

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    New 3DS

    Review Brick Race

    Brick Rolled

    After passing the 60th car, players will have experienced all of what Brick Race has to offer. Brick Race for the New 3DS is an oddity that can lose its appeal after just a few minutes; even that may be generous in terms of the amount of time anyone would want to spend playing the game. The title, "Brick Race", is a literal translation...

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  • News Capcom Announces a New 3DS Game That Uses Japanese Travel Cards

    Another use for the NFC scanner

    The New 3DS has some neat tricks hidden within its small shell, one of which is the NFC scanner under the touch screen - it's primarily used for scanning amiibo figures and cards. In Japan the feature is also used with top-up pay cards, such as those utilised on public transport. This functionality kicked in way back...

Monday22nd Aug 2016

Saturday13th Aug 2016

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    3DS eShop / SNES

    Review Final Fight

    Not quite the final word

    In the late '80s and early '90s gamers gathered around arcade cabinets instead of playing from the comfort of their own homes, and one of the biggest draws in arcades of the day was undoubtedly Capcom's Final Fight. When Final Fight released for the Super Nintendo in the early '90s, some gamers weren't very pleased with it,...

Tuesday9th Aug 2016

Tuesday2nd Aug 2016

Monday1st Aug 2016

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    New 3DS / SNES

    Review Street Fighter Alpha 2

    The eShop has Alpha too

    There are a few Virtual Console options for New Nintendo 3DS-owning Street Fighter fans such as a speedy Street Fighter II, a sixteen-character Street Fighter II and this eShop release that stands out on account of not being Street Fighter II. Released in 1996 this SNES port of Street Fighter Alpha 2 may have been overlooked...

Saturday30th Jul 2016

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    New 3DS / SNES

    Review Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers

    Super solo fighter

    The New Nintendo 3DS is a nifty device with a number of great games available, but as everyone knows something cannot be considered a true games machine unless you can play Street Fighter II on it. Thankfully Capcom has stepped in to save New 3DS owners from the taunts of ZX Spectrum, Atari ST and CD32 gamers by bringing the game...