Mayoral Election side adventure
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Once you've made your way to Hateno Village in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you'll notice the locals have got swept up in a very odd looking fashion trend involving outfits adorned with mushrooms. What on earth is going on?

Well, head on over to Cece's store in the town where there's a bit of a commotion going on and you'll kickstart The Mayoral Election side adventure, a multipart quest that we'll breakdown and guide you through.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: How To Complete 'The Mayoral Election' Side Adventure

How To Start The Mayoral Election

First things first, as we already mentioned, head on over to Cece's store in Hateno Village to find a crowd of mushroom-mad fashion fans trying to get in. They'll be waved away but you'll manage to get into the store to speak with Cece.

Whilst chatting to the mushroom-crazed fashionista, the Mayor Reede will burst in complaining that Cece's colourful creations are affecting the town's prize crops. He's absolutely livid! The two come to an understanding though, as Cece suggests they hold a Mayoral election to resolve the issue.

Mayoral Election side adventure
Image: Nintendo Life

Now, in order to complete this adventure, you're going to need to jump around a series of quests. Luckily, we've got guides for each of them so jump down below and follow the links in order to finish up every side adventure required to get this election underway:

Team Cece Or Team Reede?

First, you'll need to hand our mushrooms to eight individuals around Hateno Village.

Cece's Secret

Next, you'll need to follow Cece and see what she's up to.

A New Signature Food

You'll also have to help Reede remember a special recipe.

A Letter To Koyin

Fishing a letter in a bottle from a pond is another part of the overall Mayoral Election questline.

Reede's Secret

Reede's got a secret, too, which you'll have to uncover.

The Election

Finished all those? Well done!

Finally, after all that running around, it's time to head to Cece's store and get the election underway.

Make sure it's daytime and go speak with Sophie to kick things off. Once the cutscene has finished, a delighted Cece will reward you with Cece's Hat, one of the rarest-looking bits of headgear in the game!

You can also now purchase the Royal Guard Uniform from her store, as well as the Hylian Tunic. Good job!

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