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As part of completing the overarching The Mayoral Election side adventure in Hateno Village, you'll find yourself needing to deliver eight Hylian Shrooms to eight NPCs who Cece would like to sway to her side of the election debate.

Let's take a look at how to kickstart this one and where those eight NPCs are located n this Team Cece Or Team Reede? quest guide.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: How To Complete 'Team Cece or Team Reede' Side Adventure

How To Start Team Cece or Team Reede

In order to get this one underway, head to Hateno Village and speak to Cece in her store where the drama involving her new fashion ideas will be unveiled!

Who To Give The 8 Mushrooms To - Cece's Hylian Shroom Recipients

Once Mayor Reede has burst into Cece's store and then agreed to an election, Cece will ask you what side you're on, you can choose whatever you like here but going with Cece will speed things along and she'll then give you eight Hylian Shrooms to hand out to eight nearby NPCs that she reckons could be swayed to vote for her.

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Now we get down to the business of finding all eight NPCs. You can speak to all of them at the locations we've detailed below!

Note that these NPCs may not appear at the exact locations indicated at certain times of the day so make sure to rest and cycle night/day by sitting at a fire or cooking pot if you're having any trouble.


Dantz is tending the cows at Hateno Pasture.


Just to the left of Dantz, Koylin is standing on the lake shore at Hateno Pasture.


Head for Hateno Ancient Tech Lab to speak to Tokk.


Worten is either at the desk or on the balcony at Hateno Inn.

team cece or team reede totk
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Where's Medda? He can be found tending to his prize crops.


Leop is found wandering along the main street.


Uma can be found in the field directly below Hateno School.

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Tamana is near her home to the left of Cece's shop.

With all of the mushrooms delivered, you can now head back to Cece and receive a Big Hearty Truffle.

Now the next part of the overarching election quest will see you head off on the Cece's Secret side adventure, so check out our guide to that one next.

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