cece's secret
Image: Nintendo Life

As part of the side adventure 'The Mayoral Election' in Hateno Village, you'll find yourself keeping a close eye on the nocturnal activities of the local clothes store owner Cece.

In this Cece's Secret quest guide, let's take a look at how to complete this short quest.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: How To Complete 'Cece's Secret' Side Adventure

How To Start Cece's Secret

In order to start this side adventure, you'll need to speak with Cece's sister, Sophie, who is located right outside Cece's store.

Where Is Cece?

After speaking with Sophie you'll have to wait until nighttime to sneak after Cece as she leaves her store. It may take a little waiting around outside, but we found she left the premises at around 10pm. Be careful here and make sure to wear any stealth items you've got to help you follow her.

Make use of any cover, large mushroom signs and the like, to ensure that the ever-vigilant Cece doesn't spot you as you slowly creep around behind her.

cece's secret
Image: Nintendo Life

After a very short journey across the street and round a corner, Cece will enter the village silo.

Once she's inside the building you can proceed to scale the outside carefully to reach an open window. Drop in here and then watch from the rafters as Cece stuffs her face full of vegetables - the absolute monster!

cece's secret
Image: Nintendo Life

Once Cece has had her fill and the cutscene is done, head back to Sophie and receive a reward of Ironshrooms to wrap this short quest up.

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