One of the mysteries that has left players scratching their heads in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is that of the game's dragons. The three dragons appear in the sky seemingly at random and are the key to some of the hardest-to-find upgrade parts. Fortunately, we've found the best way to track down each of these elusive beasts and get what you need from them.

Before you set out to claim your bounty you'll want to have plenty of arrows as well as a bow that's in decent shape, some wood and some flint. You'll be doing some camping and plenty of shooting, so you'll want to make sure you're fully stocked. Once you have these items in hand it's time to set out. There isn't a specific order in which you have to collect these dragon parts, so feel free to tackle any one you like first.

Each dragon can drop four parts, a shard of its horn, a shard of its fang, a scale and a claw. To get the horn you have to fire an arrow into the dragon's horn on its head, you'll be able to distinguish which part is the horn based on its colour: Dinraal's is red, Naydra's is blue and Farosh's is yellow. To get a fang you'll need to plant an arrow in the beast's mouth; you needn't worry about actually hitting a tooth, just land your arrow in the general area and you'll be okay. Scales are by far the easiest piece to come by, as you just need to hit the dragon anywhere but the horn, mouth or foot. Finally, the claw is obtained by putting an arrow in one of the dragon's feet. With these pointers in mind, let's get to the good stuff and find the dragons.

How to Find the Fire Dragon Dinraal

Dinraal is fairly routine in how it appears. To find Dinraal, you'll need to fast travel to Shae Loya Shrine, just South of Tabantha Bridge Stable.


Once you've reached the shrine, head over to the stable and rest in a bed or outside at the camp fire. You'll want to rest until morning.


Once Link wakes up, make a beeline for the center of Tabantha Great Bridge and look North. Around 6 AM, you'll see Dinraal in the distance; wait for it to get close and shoot it, then just wait for the part to drop.


You can only get one part per day, so if you need more than one you'll need to start this process over from the stable. We recommended donning the Flamebreaker Armour to prevent any incidental damage from Dinraal's flames.

How to Find the Ice Dragon Naydra

Naydra is by far the trickiest of the three to corner. To get to it, you'll need to have the Zora armour equipped and warp to Dow Na'eh Shrine, West of Mount Lanayru.


When you get there, jump into the water and swim up the waterfall and use the paraglider to glide over to the left, landing just above Lanayru Promenade.


To your right you'll see a small rock wall, climb it and follow the edge of the cliffs until you see the tree pictured below.


When the tree is in view, create a fire with wood and flint and sleep until morning. Keep following the cliffs as soon as you wake up and you should see Naydra in the sky above Mount Lanayru. We recommend equipping your Snowquill gear if you've leveled it up at a Great Fairy to level two, as the set bonus makes Link unfreezable.


Now all that remains is for you to wait for Naydra to get close to you, then line up and take your shot.

How to Find the Lightning Dragon Farosh

Farosh is far and away the easiest of the three to farm for parts. To hunt it down, you'll need to head to Shai Utoh Shrine, just outside of Lakeside Stable.


At Lakeside, camp at the fire until night and head out to the center of Floria Bridge.

Farosh will be there waiting for you. As soon as it's close enough for comfort, take aim at your favorite part and be ready to reap your reward.

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Do you have a favourite dragon hunting spot? Which parts do you use most? Have you ever cooked with a dragon part? Let us know in the comments.