If you're trying to get all of the Shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild then you may well have hit a brick wall with the Korgu Chideh Shrine, which lies on Eventide Island in the south-east part of the map. Set apart from the mainland and therefore quite tricky to get to, Eventide is the biggest and more difficult Shrine to complete as it requires you to survive the island's threats without much of your gear. As if this isn't challenging enough, you can't save your game during this quest - if you die, you return to the mainland have to start all over again.

With that in mind, we present to you a guide on how to survive Evertide Island and uncover its elusive shrine.

How to Get to Eventide Island

Eventime Island lies far away from the mainland of Hyrule so you'll need to paraglide over the sea to get to it. Start out from Cape Cales (next to the Muwo Jeem Shrine) and you'll find there's a steady wind which will help you. Even so, unless you've totally upgraded your stamina wheel you'll need to bring stamina-restoring food with you as it takes quite a while to get all the way over.


Eventide Island: Basic Tips On How To Survive

As soon as you touch down on Toronbo Beach you'll be told that the island itself is a proving ground of sorts, and that you must pass the test without your equipment. You'll be stripped of everything apart from your runes and your paraglider.


Because you're starting with nothing, the most basic rule of Eventime Island is collect everything. Every stick, food item and weapon should be collected without fail, as you never know quite how much you're going to need to survive the tasks ahead. You'll get the chance to cook items at several points so try not to eat food raw unless you're desperate.

The First Orb: The Bokoblin Camp and the North Beach Pedestal

As soon as you arrive on the island keep a look out on the beach for Rusty Broadsword - it's not the best weapon but you can't be picky. Head left and you'll come across a group of Bokoblins roasting fish around a fire. Use Magnesis on the metal boxes nearby and you can use them to smash these enemies. There's a Rusty Shield lying nearby and several Boko Spears. In the chest there's a Traveler's Sword. Also, make sure you collect all of the fruit lying on beach, too.


Once you're done here, head north down the beach, being sure to collect crabs, fruit and any other food you see. Once you reach the end of the beach you'll see a small island with a glowing pedestal on it - make a mental note of this and head to the right and up the slope - there are several banana trees you can pillage here. You'll eventually come to a small swamp with a hollow stump in the middle and an axe - paraglide from the high ground to grab the axe, then head right where the swamp is shallow to avoid getting sucked under.


Head sound from the swamp and you'll arrive at the first Bokoblin camp. Paraglide onto the lookout and take him out before he has chance to spot you, then glide down and take out the other two Bokoblins at your leisure. You can score Boko Bow and Soldier's Bow here, plus some arrows if you tempt them to shoot at you. The best option is to sprint up the ramp and knock the red and blue Bokoblin off, which allows you to take them out separately on the ground.


Grab the orb from the base (there's a second Soldier's Bow in the chest and some Shock Arrows in the barrel, too) and return to the north beach and its pedestal. Throw the orb into the water and then use your Cryonsis rune to freeze a column underneath it. Climb the column, pick up the orb and jump onto the pedestal. If you find you can't reach with a single jump, create another pedestal next to it.


The Second Orb: Eventide's Hinox and the Hilltop Pedestal

Next, head to the middle of the island towards the slumbering Hinox - but don't go too close yet. Skirt around the right-hand side and head towards the hilltop camp on on the south tip of the mountain, where the pedestal lies.


Here you'll find a few enemies which, using the Magnesis / metal box combo, can be dispatched without too much bother. You'll find several weapons here, as well as some meat cooking on the fire and a few fruits. Take this chance to light the pot nearby with the torch, cook some items and replenish your health before turning your attention to the Hinox.


On the surface this seems like the hardest orb to get, but unless you've very confident - or you have Urbosa's Fury - then don't try to fight this monster, which makes things much easier. From the hill paraglide down and land on the Hinox's chest, grab the orb and then run before it has chance to get to its feet. It's really slow so you won't have any bother outrunning it. Head back to the pedestal on the hilltop and deposit the orb.

The Third Orb: Raiding the base on Koholit Rock

Now for the third and final orb - this one is a challenge purely due to the large number of enemies involved. It can be found in the large enemy base on Koholit Rock, highest point of the island, and if you don't plan ahead then you can get taken out very quickly.


Ascend the hill from the side where the Hinox is sleeping and take out the lookout to the right with an arrow, then crouch and move slowly to the right so you have a clear shot on the three Bokoblins dancing around the campfire. If you're quick enough you can take out at least one (if not two) with an arrow headshot before they have time to reach you. Once the others are alerted sprint north to the pedestal - it has a large slab resting on top of it which makes the ideal defensive base as the enemies can't climb it.


Take out the remaining lookout with an arrow to stop him shooting at you then pick off the surrounding enemies at your leisure, being sure to hop off the slab to collect up their weapons as they drop them - you'll need as many as possible to survive the onslaught. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed run away from the pedestal to pull the enemies away, then return and continue picking them off. Once the coast is clear, use Statis on the slab and hit it to remove it and reveal the pedestal. The remaining orb is on a high platform in the base.


Once you've dropped the final orb into place, Korgu Chideh Shrine will appear on the peak above and you'll have all your items returned to you.

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