Having the right gear in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can be the difference between success or failure, but sometimes you just want to look like a badass while exploring the wilds of Hyrule - and for that, you really need the Radiant Set.

This particular set lures skeleton-type enemies and increases your attack damage when using bone weapons, but the biggest bonus is that it looks seriously cool - a glowing skeleton pattern appears at night-time, making it ideal for scaring kids at Halloween (do they even celebrate that in Hyrule?).

To get this particular set, you'll need to locate a secret shop in Gerudo Town. First, make sure you're doing this at night. Enter Gerudo Town (you'll need to be disguised as a woman, naturally) and head to the location shown on the map below.


You'll be asked for a password, which you don't know at this point. Move to the other side of the town and visit the bar marked on the map below:


Attempt to eavesdrop on the conversation regarding the password and you'll be told to leave.


Head to the house next door and talk to the little girl - she will reveal that it's possible to hear the patrons of the bar talking through the wall. Listen to the conversation and you'll hear the password: G, S and C, followed by the diamond shape.


Head back to the secret shop and enter the password. You now have access to Gerudo's exclusive store, which contains the Radiant Armour Set.

Before you get too excited, you'll need to hand over Luminous Stones as well as Rupees for this set - if you're running light on them then you can head to the nearby Sho Dantu Shrine or Kuh Takkar Shrine to grab some.


Congratulations! You now have Breath of the Wild's best outfit, and you're also a dead ringer for Skullomania from Capcom's Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha series, which is no bad thing, we're sure you'll agree:

Image: theCHAMBA

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