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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet haven't got a full 150 new designs, but we do get 107 new Pokémon to add to our collection — including the long-awaited Pokémon number 1,000, bringing the National Dex up to four digits.

We've listed all the new Pokémon to be found in the Paldea Pokédex below, but be warned — it's spoiler town down there!

You'll be able to see where Pokémon can be found, as well as the names and locations of legendaries, post-game Pokémon, and more. Tread with caution!

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: All New Pokémon

Here's a list of all the new Gen 9 Pokémon in Scarlet & Violet.

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1 Sprigatito Starter Pokémon, received from Director Clavell
2 Floragato Evolves from Sprigatito at level 16
3 Meowscarada Evolves from Floragato at level 36
4 Fuecoco Starter Pokémon, received from Director Clavell
5 Crocalor Evolves from Fuecoco at level 16
6 Skeledirge Evolves from Crocalor at level 36
7 Quaxly Starter Pokémon, received from Director Clavell
8 Quaxwell Evolves from Quaxley at level 16
9 Quaquaval Evolves from Quaxwell from level 36
10 Lechonk Poco Path, South Province (Area One, Four)
11 Oinkologne Evolves from Lechonk at level 18
12 Tarountula Poco Path, South Province (Area One, Four)
13 Spidops Evolves from Tarountula at level 15
14 Nymble West Province (Area One)
15 Lokix Evolves from Nymble at level 24. South Province (Area Six)
22 Pawmi Poco Path, South Province (Area One, Six)
23 Pawmo Evolves from Pawmi at level 18. South Province (Area Six)
24 Pawmot Walk Pawmo for 1000 steps with Let's Go feature
53 Wooper (Paldean) South Province (Area One, Four)
54 Clodsire Evolves from Paldean Wooper at level 21??
71 Tandemaus
72 Maushold Evolves from Tandemaus at any time after level 25 randomly
76 Fidough South Province (Area One, Two, Six)
77 Dachsbun Evolves from Fidough at level 26. South Province (Area Six)
84 Smoliv South Province (Area Two)
85 Dolliv Evolves from Smoliv at level 25
86 Arboliva Evolves from Dolliv at level 35
113 Squawkabilly South Province (Area Three)
129 Nacli South Province (Area Two, Four)
130 Naclstack Evolves from Nacli at level 24
131 Garganacl Evolves from Naclstack at level 38
160 Annihilape Evolves from Primeape after using the move Rage Fist 20 times and levelling up after
165 Charcadet West Province (Area One)
166 Armarouge Scarlet Exclusive. Use the Auspicious Armor on Charcadet
167 Ceruledge Violet Exclusive. Use the Malicious Armor on Charcadet
170 Tadbulb West Province (Area One)
171 Bellibolt Use a Thunder Stone on Tadbulb. South Province (Area Six)
177 Wattrel South Province (Area Four) Sea, West Province (Area One)
178 Kilowattrel Evolves from Wattrel at level 25. South Province (Area Six)
189 Dudunsparce Level up Dunsparace while it knows the move 'Hyper Drill'. Area Zero
193 Farigiraf Level up Girafarig while it knows the move 'Twin Beam'. Area Zero
196 Maschiff South Province (Area Two, Four)
197 Mabosstiff Evolves from Maschiff at level 30
202 Shroodle
203 Grafaiai Evolves from Shroodle at level 28
223 Tauros (Paldean) (Fire/Fighting - Scarlet Exclusive, Fighting/Water - Violet Exclusive)
242 Bramblin Asado Desert, East Province (Area Three)
243 Brambleghast Walk Bramblin for 1000 steps with Let's Go feature
244 Toedscool
245 Toedscruel Evolves from Toedscool at level 30
249 Klawf
250 Capsakid West Province (Area One)
251 Scovillain Use a Fire Stone on Capsakid. South Province (Area Six)
254 Rellor Asado Desert
255 Rabsca Walk Rellor for 1000 steps with Let's Go feature
263 Flittle South Province (Area Four, Six), West Province (Area One)
264 Espathra Evolves from Flittle at level 35. South Province (Area Six)
279 Tinkatink
280 Tinkatuff Evolves from Tinkatink at level 25. South Province (Area Six)
281 Tinkaton Evolves from Tinkatuff at level 38
288 Wiglett West Province (Area One)
289 Wugtrio Evolves from Wiglett at level 26
290 Bombirdier South Province (Area Six)
291 Finizen South Paldean Sea, West Paldean Sea, East Paldean Sea
292 Palafin Evolves from Finizen when you play with friends online (or locally) through Union Circle and battle
293 Varoom
294 Revavroom Evolves from Varoom at level 40
295 Cyclizar
296 Orthworm
308 Glimmet South Province (Area Six), Alfornada Cavern
309 Glimmora Evolves from Glimmet at level 35. Area Zero
311 Greavard South Province (Area Six)
312 Houndstone Evolves from Greavard at level 30. when levelled up ay night. South Province (Area Six)
346 Flamigo South Province (Area One)
361 Cetoddle Glaseado Mountain
362 Cetitan Use Ice Stone on Cetoddle. Glaseado Mountain
369 Kingambit Defeat three Bisharp that lead a group of Pawniard while holding the Leader's Crest, then level up
373 Veluza Lake Casseroya.
374 Dondozo Lake Casseroya.
375 Tatsugiri Lake Casseroya.
376 Great Tusk Scarlet Exclusive. Asado Desert (after Titan fight), Area Zero (Post-Game)
377 Scream Tail Scarlet Exclusive. Area Zero.
378 Brute Bonnet Scarlet Exclusive. Area Zero (Post-Game).
379 Flutter Mane Scarlet Exclusive. Area Zero (Post-Game).
380 Slither Wing Scarlet Exclusive. Area Zero (Post-Game).
381 Sandy Shocks Scarlet Exclusive. Area Zero (Post-Game).
382 Iron Treads Violet Exclusive. Asado Desert (after Titan Fight), Area Zero (Post Game)
383 Iron Bundle Violet Exclusive. Area Zero.
384 Iron Hands Violet Exclusive. Area Zero (Post Game).
385 Iron Jugulis Violet Exclusive. Area Zero (Post Game).
386 Iron Moth Violet Exclusive. Area Zero (Post Game).
387 Iron Thorns Violet Exclusive. Area Zero (Post Game).
388 Frigibax Glaseado Mountain
389 Arctibax Evolves from Frigibax at level 35. Glaseado Mountain
390 Baxcalibur Evolves from Arctibax at level 54
391 Gimmighoul Watchtowers and ruins across the Paldea region
392 Gholdengo Evolves from Chest Form Gimmighoul when you have 999 Gimmighoul Coins
393 Wo-Chien South Province (Area One) Purple Shrine
394 Chien-Pao West Province (Area One) Yellow Shrine
395 Ting-Lu Lake Casseroya (Socorrat Trail) Green Shrine
396 Chi-Yu North Province (Area Two) Blue Shrine
397 Roaring Moon Scarlet Exclusive. Area Zero (in hidden cave)
398 Iron Valiant Violet Exclusive. Area Zero (in hidden cave)
399 Koraidon Scarlet Exclusive. Finish main story.
400 Miraidon Violet Exclusive. Finish main story.

Head into the comments to tell us your favourite new Pokémon, and make sure to check out our Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Walkthrough Guide for all the information you'll need on your way through Paldea!

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