Switch Cloud Games
Image: Nintendo Life

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Nintendo Switch has a slow and steady number of 'Cloud Version' games available — titles that don't run natively on Nintendo's console, but are streamed to the Switch over the internet while they run on servers elsewhere in the world. Below is a full list of every 'Cloud Version' Nintendo Switch game currently available.

Playing games via the cloud comes with pros and cons, and many dedicated gamers believe the negatives outweigh the positives. Some people find the inherent latency and requirement for a very strong internet connection in order to maintain a smooth experience interminable, not to mention the concern that players have no control over when the service will be turned off and access to the game revoked.

However, cloud gaming can be a convenient way to play titles that otherwise might not have been possible on Switch's mobile hardware, and for studios without the budget to develop a Switch-specific version, the decision may come down to Cloud Version or nothing.

Regardless of your thoughts cloud gaming, its popularity is growing as the technology improves and more and more cloud versions are appearing on Switch and elsewhere. We've collected together every cloud game on Switch in the list below.

Every Nintendo Switch Cloud Game So Far

Here's the list of all current and upcoming cloud games available on Nintendo Switch. We'll update this guide with more titles as they're announced and released.

An asterisk(*) denotes Japan-only