Metroid Dread Robot Chozo Soldier Boss Battle
Image: Nintendo Life

Once you reach Ferenia, the fifth location in Metroid Dread, you'll encounter your first Robotic Chozo Soldier enemy. These guys are fast-moving assailants with weapons who like to perform fast slashing attacks.

Metroid Dread Robot Chozo Soldier Boss Battle Strategy

In order to take these enemies out as quickly as possible you need to slam them with missiles whilst avoiding their tracking bullet shots and charged laser fire, both of which are pretty easy to move out of the way of and are well signposted.

Robot Chozos also have a vicious charged attack which is highlighted by a fiery red indicator as they wind it up. Our preferred way to dodge this is by jumping and using your Flash Shift move in the air to get on their other side. Make sure to get as far away from this attack as you can as it has a wide radius of effect in the direction it is aimed!

Keep bashing the soldiers with missiles and wait for another charge attack which has a white glow, make sure to stay in place when you see this white indicator and then parry this assault as it comes in so that your foe staggers back and is stunned briefly. This allows you to get off a load of free shots but also restocks your ammo and a little health.

Keep dodging the bullets and that fiery charge attack and parrying where you get a chance and very soon you'll watch your foe overload and explode.

You'll come across a few of these guys in Ferenia and onwards into your adventure now so use these same tactics every time to guarantee a pretty easy win. Well, until you reach the tag team battle with two of the beasts a bit later, but we'll talk about that in due course!

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