Metroid Dread Golzuna Boss Battle
Image: Nintendo Life

Metroid Dread's Golzuna is a great big, hard-shelled electro-beast. This boss battle takes place in Ghavoran quite late on in the game and consists of not one, not two but three different beasts to kill.

Fear not, however, as only Golzuna himself is much of a challenge here and he's actually not that bad once you know what to do. Let's check it out!

Metroid Dread Golzuna Boss Battle Guide Strategy

Golzuna: Phase One

When you roll down into the area in which this battle takes place you'll first be faced with a lowly Muzby who can simply be cut down where it stands with regular laser fire. Easy. The energy from this beast then materializes into a tougher version that you need to draw in towards you and, when it stands on its hindquarters to attack, simply slide underneath it to shoot it from the rear. At the most you'll need to do this action twice to dispatch this foe, who then transforms into Golzuna itself.

Golzuna: Phase Two

Now the real fun begins! Golzuna is essentially defeated using the same trick of drawing him in - best to stick right into either corner of the arena or you may be stampeded - then waiting for him to rise up so you can slide under and pop out to get some shots off at his rear with your missiles. We find Storm Missiles are good for taking him down quicker but if you can't get the time or space to charge them, just blast away with the regular type.

This is all very simple but what makes it a tad more difficult is Golzuna's electric laser patterns that he'll fire out at random. Watch for the pink lights as they travel around the screen and basically stay as far away from them as you possibly can, as when they burst into life they are hugely damaging.

Otherwise, there's not too much more to this scrap. Keep dodging the light show by steering clear of it then lure Golzuna into a corner to slide under him and get some shots off. Once he's had enough he'll turn into an X-Parasite spewing orb who you simply need to blast with a few missiles to kill off.

All in all, a pretty easy fight for so late in the game. What's more, by defeating Golzuna, you've just earned yourself the Cross Bomb. Congrats!

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