Metroid Dread Drogyga Boss Battle
Image: Nintendo Life

The fourth boss fight in Metroid Dread sees Samus take on this great big tentacled mass in Burenia and, while Drogyga may look pretty intense, it doesn't stand a chance against our superior takedown techniques!

Let's have a look at how to beat this underwater terror.

Metroid Dread Drogyga Boss Battle Strategy

Drogyga: Phase One

This fight kicks off with you on the left hand side of an underwater area that you've just come falling into. Get your bearings quickly and start firing off missiles at the curled tentacle at the top of Drogyga's body. As you inflict damage the beast will fire out volleys of red and blue balls, avoid the red ones and shoot the blue ones for ammo and health refills.

You'll also need to look out for lower tentacles striking out in your direction, these are best avoided by jumping back so you land right in against the wall of the arena and always come in waves of two. You'll know when these attacks are coming as the tentacles in question will begin to quiver just beforehand.

Drogyga: Phase Two

Metroid Dread Drogyga Boss Battle 1
Image: Nintendo Life

Once you've inflicted enough damage to that top tentacle Drogyga will go silent and the button behind you on the wall will light up. Charge your laser to shoot this button and drain some water from the arena, then very quickly grapple up to the magnet pad on the ceiling and it'll carry you across to the other side, jump down and charge shot the button on this side to completely empty the water.

At this point Drogyga will open up its shell and give you a chance to fire several missiles at its soft inside hose-looking thing (gross!) Once you've had a few shots it'll charge up a powerful red tentacle shot, it's well signposted and easy to avoid with a wall-jump or, if you're brave, you can choose to time a parry to this attack to deal even more damage to your fishy foe. The tank will now refill and we go again in exactly the same manner as we did in phase one.

Metroid Dread Drogyga Boss Battle 2
Image: Nintendo Life

Now you need to watch out as you strike at that top tentacle for more red balls to avoid and a new twisted tentacles attack where you'll see tentacles start to gather together before they shoot out in your direction. As soon as you see this powerful attack start, immediately grapple to the magnet pad above to avoid it, there is no other way.

Keep blasting the top tentacle, avoiding the enemy attacks, draining the tank and attacking its insides and very soon Drogyga will have had enough and die, shrivelling up and turning to stone. We shall miss that guy.

You won't get an award for this fight, but you do get to leave the arena and head off to a brand new area. Exciting!

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