Metroid Dread Corpius Boss Battle
Image: Nintendo Life

The very first boss in Metroid Dread and he's an absolutely massive opponent for a rather underpowered Samus. However, Corpius isn't anywhere nearly as tough as his giant stinger and ability to cloak himself may at first suggest. Let's take look at how to take him down in double-quick time.

Metroid Dread Corpius Boss Battle Strategy

Corpius: Phase One

Early in the fight it's all about smashing Corpius right in his great big head with as many missiles as you can land.

He's not the quickest of movers but, at this point, you need to keep an eye out for tail whips which can be dodged by simply jumping and balls of green bile which take an age to land so are easily manoeuvred away from. Once you've shot him enough times he'll move onto the next stage of the fight.

Corpius: Phase Two

Metroid Dread Corpius Boss Battle 1
Image: Nintendo Life

Now Corpius is showing off his camouflage ability but, luckily for us, his glowing stinger is still fully visible, make sure to blast it with normal gunfire as quickly as possible and Corpius will eventually tear off wall segments in the arena revealing magnetic blue pads that you can jump up and grab. Use these pads to draw attacks as you continue to fight, blast his head when he's not in camo and return your attention to his glowing stinger when he turns invisible.

Corpius will eventually begin to stop dead in the middle of the arena with his body slightly raised off the floor, signalling that you can now slide right under him, making sure to prepare to parry a nasty stinger shot in your direction as soon as you emerge from underneath.

Metroid Dread Corpius Boss Battle 2
Image: Nintendo Life

Keep battling away here, dodge the bile, jump away from stinger attacks and use the magnetic pads to draw shots from him that see his tail get lodged temporarily in the wall, giving you a chance for easy shots. Once you've performed the slide and parry attack a few more times, you'll enter a little grappling match where you get to shoot him in the face at close range as he tries to crush the life out of you. At this point a cutscene will take over and you get to watch Samus dispatch this great big stinky fool in style.

Congratulations, you've just beaten Corpius and got your hands on the Phantom Cloak!

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