Metroid Dread All Teleporter Locations

If there's one thing you're going to have to do plenty of during your time in Metroid Dread, it's backtracking around the game's eight regions in search of gear, collectibles and routes forward through the campaign. It can be time-consuming, making your way to shuttle stations and elevators in order to slowly move between one area and the next, and so the game helpfully provides a network of teleportation devices to help expediate your travel between zones.

Metroid Dread's teleporters come in pairs, with each pair designated their own colour. To activate these machines you simply need to find them, and once you've discovered one you'll automatically activate its colour-coded sibling, meaning you don't have to go laboriously hunting them all down. Once you've activated the entire network, you'll find navigating ZDR a much more breezy and enjoyable affair. Remember, too, that travel via teleportation isn't constrained by a device's colour-coding, you can feel free to jump to any location you like provided you've activated it, from orange to blue to purple and so on.

To get you teleporting around ZDR as quickly as possible, we've provided maps below showing the locations of each and every teleporter in the game so you can get busy activating them all in order to make your jaunts around ZDR that little bit less painful. You should also be aware that reaching some of these teleporters will require you to have made a certain amount of progress and unlocked various abilities within the game so, if you find your path blocked, remember to return to the teleporter in question — which will now be marked on your map — in order to access it at a later date.

Metroid Dread - Teleporter Locations

Full Teleporter Network Overview Map

This map shows you each region and the teleporters that reside therein. As you can see each one is colour-coded and, as we've mentioned, once you uncover one of a certain colour, its twin will also become active.

Metroid Dread All Teleporter Locations 1


Artaria has got three teleporter locations as shown below. There's a blue one in the west and red and yellow, which are both fairly central.

Metroid Dread Artaria Teleporter Locations


Three more teleporters here with orange in the west, purple in the south and blue in the east.

Metroid Dread Cataris Teleporter Locations


Just two teleporters here, purple in a central location and yellow out in the east.

Metroid Dread Dairon Teleporter Locations


Just the one teleporter on Ferenia and it's a cyan one in a central location.

Metroid Dread Ferenia Teleporter Locations


Burenia has two teleporters, cyan and green, which are both fairly central.

Metroid Dread Burenia Teleporter Locations


There are two more teleporters on Ghavoran and they are green and orange, both in the east of the map.

Metroid Dread Ghavoran Teleporter Locations

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