Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Walkthrough Guide
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Welcome to our Luigi's Mansion 2 HD walkthrough guide series! Here we'll give you a 100% guided tour of the multiple haunted mansions on offer in Luigi's second spooky offering. With step-by-step details on how to progress through each area, alongside full guides for All Boo Locations and All Gem Locations, this is your one-stop shop for this remastered version of the game.

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Walkthrough Guide: D-1- Cold Case

With the next Dark Moon piece located, we're off to the snowy mountains to check in on a Toad who should be hanging out at the professor's chalet.

Chalet Approach is our starting point now and there's a chest covered in snow in front of the mirror as we pass, and then interact with the tree on the right to knock out some treasure critters.

Up the hill to the chalet and there's a snowman to terrorise, then use your dark-light on the toboggan to reveal a portrait of a coin that nets you loads of goodies.

Peek through the window to see a bluey who looks a bit smug about his big bear rug (accidental poetry klaxon). Now move along to the left, taking out the snow, past the door, and over to the BBQ for more treasure.

Into the chalet now and there's two blues and a purple to deal with. The first is in the rocking chair, the others in a drawer to the left of the bear rug. There's also a dog bone here in the drawer at the back.

Pull the bear's tail to reveal a gold ghoul to tussle with for treasure and head for the door where you'll be informed that Toad may be in the Fishing Hut.

Let's move out now through the door and into the Smokehouse.

Secret Mine Gem #1

This one is to the left of the fireplace in the smokehouse. Use your dark-light then pull off the towels to see it.

The fireplace and greenies will both spit out balls of flaming coal. Once you've defeated the ghouls, use the balls to melt the ice around the door. Now melt the ice on the far left side to reveal a rope to pull for a whole mess of treasure. It's nice!

Out the door on the right now to the Ice Lake, and there's a hidden door over to the right at the cabin. Use your dark-light to reveal this, then go around the corner and tug on the boat to peek through a hole and see a boo inside.

Now head into the cabin and hoover up all the snow on the ground to reveal a portrait reflection. Dak-light the wall to release Toad, before his excitement causes you both to descend into the caves below in a mess. Hooray!

Secret Mine Gem #2

Once you have Toad in the Fishing Hut, have a look to the very bottom left corner, tilting the camera if required, to see a gem under the floorboards. Wiggle into the space as close to it as possible to nab it.

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Walkthrough Guide
Image: Nintendo Life

Under the Ice we need to pull a pair of cords to release a golden ghost from the fish head on the left, then use the airflow to fly up to the top level.

Secret Mine Gem #3

There's a gem in this first area too, so let's grab Toad and bring him up the airflow then shoot him down the well. This will dislodge the gem. Ta-da!

The next airflow on the higher level will carry you to treasure across the other side of this area. Then we can proceed to the terminal and straight through to the Airway, where we discover the zip line needs to be activated elsewhere.

Secret Mine Gem #4

If you go out the north door in terminal you'll come to High Wires. Use the Poltergust to ride over to the other side and suck down the gem from the bird's nest.

Look through the binoculars to spot the very end of a chain hanging down, then chuck Toad up into the trolley to raise the key we need. Go back into terminal and use the key to open the locked door to Prospector's Crossing.

Secret Mine Gem #5

Before leaving airway, make sure you use the binocs to spot the gem being lifted by a bird and dumped near the chalet lift. This can then be retrieved when you arrive back at the lift by interacting with the barrel directly to the left!

You have to throw Toad across the ice here to enter the Drift Hall. Go down the steps and uncover the dynamite coil and then light it with the nearby torch. The cave here has a snowy minigame.

Now to get in the door at the exit of the cave, we need to head right back up to the stairs and keep going right. It looks like a drop but is actually a reflective surface. Slide over to the chest to nab the key to then move into Basin.

Here we need to take on three ghouls who give away their positions via the floor reflections. Make sure they don't grab Toad, and use the Poltergust to rescue him if they do!

With this done we can head to the Airway. Use the rope on the bridge to pull it halfway, then carefully cross (turn off motion rumble if you are having issues) and pull the rope here so Toad can cross.

Now head back to the chalet for a mission complete!

Boo - Boofoon

At the right of the door leading from terminal into prospector's crossing, a sheet appears over the mirror which you can vacuum off then reveal a barrel at the door with our boo inside.

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Walkthrough Guide
Image: Nintendo Life