Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Walkthrough Guide
Image: Nintendo Life

Welcome to our Luigi's Mansion 2 HD walkthrough guide series! Here we'll give you a 100% guided tour of the multiple haunted mansions on offer in Luigi's second spooky offering. With step-by-step details on how to progress through each area, alongside full guides for All Boo Locations and All Gem Locations, this is your one-stop shop for this remastered version of the game.

In this second mission, we get our hands on the Parascope, which is very handy for detecting and measuring distant paranormal signals, according to the professor.

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Walkthrough Guide - Gloomy Manor - A-2 Gear Up

With our new gear we'll now need to return to Gloomy Manor to hunt down signals and activate a mechanism. Let's get to it.

First things first, we need to activate the mechanism in the foyer! Of course, as soon as we approach the foyer, a bunch of ghosts take off with several vital parts of our mechanism, so we'll now need to chase them down!

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Walkthrough Guide
Image: Nintendo Life

The four gears we need to retrieve are now shown on your in-game map, so bring up your DS (or Dual Scream as the professor has taken to calling it) to get an eye on where we need to go.

Starting on the left of the first floor, as we attempt to head out the door on the left of the foyer a ghost charges past with a key on its way to the entrance. Let's follow the Greenie with the key now as we'll need to face off in the entrance area to nab this key. Once done, head back to the door in the foyer and head through to enter the Common Hall.

Once in the Common Hall, you can find plenty of interactive vases, a roll-up rug, and even a cobweb in the window to suck up and nab some treasures. When done with this, let's move to the bottom right door and the Lab. You can peek through a crack in the wall here for a look at what's going on and then enter to fight two greenies and a red slammer in order to cleanse the room and grab your first gear.

We'll head for the next gear now, which is in the Studio just up the corridor. Before we head into the Studio, let's first use the Poltergust to remove the strip of paper from the wall between the Lab and Studio to reveal the Secret Pocket area. In here you'll need to blow some dust away and head to the far left to grab another key.

Now, even though we have a spare key, the Studio door is refusing to open for now, so let's head up to the floor above. If you took a little peek in the gap in the wall in the Secret Pocket you'll have seen two blue ghosts doing some painting. Now that we are back in the foyer, one of them will challenge us as soon as we attempt to go upstairs. Deal with this easy blue and then head up and use our key that we got in Secret Pocket to head into the Master Hall.

The Master Hall has some vases and things to interact with, and then we can step into the top left Bedroom. In here we can spy a gem hidden behind a screen in the corner. There's an oven which can be lit up and some clothes to hoover off their hangars to get a peek into the Study, where we can see our next gear waiting.

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Walkthrough Guide
Image: Nintendo Life

Now pull on the long cord at the doorway, as shown below, and you'll reveal a bed. Sit on it and poor old Luigi will be flung straight into the Study by surprise. In the study you'll need to face off against four greenies and a slammer, so make sure to search high and low for hearts and coins as you go. The desks, curtains, and the carpet here are all hiding surprises.

Gloomy Manor Gem #3

Once you've defeated the ghosts, grab the gear from its hiding spot and then pull the curtains down to reveal a picture of a gem - which we shall return to with our dark-light devices later in the game! For now, pull back the rug underneath and step on the plate here to put out the fireplace behind you.

Gloomy Manor Gem #4

Once Luigi has made his way into the fireplace he'll drop down and arrive in the Studio. Hooray! Now take on the two blues we spied earlier - careful as they are now throwing objects too - and then defeat another big red slammer to clear the room and get your gear. Oh, and take a look through the camera set up in here to spy the location of a gem.

With all of this done, it's time to go back through the foyer once more, up the stairs and through to the corridor here to get our final gear from the Parlour.

Once in the parlour, make sure to use your Poltergust 5000 on the ceiling fan to lower it down and gather up a whole bunch of treasure. You should also use the strobe bulb to flash the clock here and grab our first gem! There's also a gold bone to be found in the vase to the bottom right of the room beside the door. How exciting.

Now use your Poltergust on the gramophone in the centre of the room. Play the whole tune to release the two greenies and then a slammer in order to finally get that last gear. Good job, Luigi!

With the mechanism gears collected we discover they've been a little bent out of shape by our ghost pals. So it's time to head back to base and have our first look at the different ghost types we've defeated and how to put them into containment. Let's pray the city mayor doesn't find our HQ and shut the power off, because we all know how that ends up.

Boo - BaBoon

Return to the Mudroom with a dark-light device to reveal a table with this Boo inside!