12 Switch Games We Missed Part 3
Image: Nintendo Life

The success of Nintendo Switch has led to a flood of quality games on the platform that not even the most optimistic Nintendo fan could have dreamed of in the leaner Wii U years. The constant stream of games from studios large and small means that even in the quieter periods between tentpole releases — the Monster Hunter Rises and Skyward Sword HDs of the world — there are dozens of smaller games to enjoy, not to mention a backlog of brilliant software on Switch eShop, often discounted to the point where lack of space on our micro SD cards is a more pressing issue than the cost.

We do our utmost to highlight as many of these smaller games as possible at Nintendo Life, but with the huge number of titles coming to Switch every week, it's a struggle to highlight deserving titles in news articles, let alone review each and every game that piques our interest. In an effort to highlight games we'd missed, we asked the Nintendo Life community to nominate Switch games worth showcasing. We did the same last year with an initial twelve nominations, and again six months later with a further twelve. Now we're back with part three, and a dozen more Switch games worthy of investigation.

A huge thank you to everyone who responded. Discounting several nominations for games we've already reviewed, we've assembled the following list of intriguing Switch games recommended by Nintendo Life readers. In fact, we're still collating and reading through even more, so we'll have another selection going live sometime in the next week or two.

So let's take a look — in no particular order — at some NL reader recommendations to look out for. Each entry features a brief user comment (lightly edited in some cases), and a trailer for a little context. There's also a poll at the end — let us know which of these games you've played and enjoyed in the comments.

Jenny LeClue - Detectivu (Switch eShop)

Here's doddlewhizz on Jenny LeClue - Detectivu:

One of my favourite adventure games in recent years. It puts a neat spin on the murder-mystery point and click genre by casting you not only as the smart, vivacious kid detective Jenny, but also the in-universe creator as he goes through the writing process under pressure form his publishers. It's very accessible in terms of puzzles but the simplicity doesn't detract from the experience thanks to some great voice work and dialogue.

shining_nexus had this to say:

What I love most about it is the witty dialogue and lovable characters. The characters are very expressive and convey human emotions very well and I love to see Jenny interact with everyone and everything.
The puzzles can be very clever and there are light platforming elements, which isn’t very good. The story starts off light-hearted and eventually gets really mature, but still retains that charming presentation throughout the game.

Stonefly (Switch eShop)

This one's a recent release from Flight School Studio, the team behind Creature In The Well. Here's what Vincent had to say about Stonefly:

Stonefly is a game about tiny humans the size of bugs, who build mechs to survive in this world. The game's protagonist is Annika Stonefly, who is on a quest to retrieve her dad's stolen mech, and during her adventure, she will have to mine for resources to upgrade her mech as a myriad of bugs will swarm her to get these resources for themselves.
The game also features exploration atop tree canopy, marches and rivers alike, with bouncing and gliding with the mech as the primary means of transportation.

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Puddle Knights (Switch eShop)

NL user Tinglemies is a fan of Puddle Knights:

A puzzle game in which you help an aristocrat to pass moist puddles by lending the help of your cape. Levels are focused and the pacing constantly adds new mechanics to the mix.

Ghost of a Tale (Switch)

Here's what GrailUK has to say about puzzle-y action-RPG Ghost of a Tale:

Absolutely charming sneakerama as you look for clues to find your missing wife. But first you have to escape your prison cell. Your journey takes you through a small, well realised world meeting some NPCs full of character. Masterfully crafted. Adorable. Elder Scrolls Lite. A Morrowind meets Wind in the Willows vibe with tons of character and a story that hooked me in.

Regions of Ruin (Switch eShop)

According to user gamecrawler, Regions of Ruin is what you'd get if "Kingdom Two Crowns and Skyrim had a baby". Sounds promising! Here's a little more detail from them:

Regions of Ruin is described as an open world 2D pixel side-scrolling RPG with town-building. You can build a base, craft, recruit a party of followers, solve in-game mysteries, acquire powerful loot, survive against waves of foes in 'raid' events, and help NPCs in quests around the world... there are tons of activities to keep you engaged and you're not forced to partake in anything in any particular order.
A random game I stumbled across in the eShop and unexpectedly had quite a lot of fun with!

Dezatopia (Switch eShop)

Switch has no shortage of sweet shmups, but gojiguy reckons we were fools to let Dezatopia pass us by:

Dezatopia has a wild, manic visual style accompanied by some of the freshest mechanics the shmup genre has seen in years. You can shoot in four direction with four different types of shots - the more you shoot simultaneously, the slower you move. When you're not shooting they charge up a powerful shot- encouraging you to swap weapons constantly.
It's got fantastic tunes, multiple routes, a fine-tuned difficulty dial, and even unlockable gallery items. If you want a fresh shmup that will entertain even the uninitiated, this is the one!