Community 12 Switch Games Part 2
Image: Nintendo Life

The Switch eShop is stuffed to the brim with downloadable video games that run the gamut when it comes to quality. In an ideal world we'd review absolutely everything, but that's simply not possible. Therefore, we endeavour to pick and choose games that look interesting and that we think will interest you. Be it a nifty art style, an intriguing premise, a clever mechanic, or sometimes just a fun trailer or title, we do our best to showcase the gems coming to Switch so they don't become hidden.

Unfortunately, it's inevitable that we'll miss some great games in the flood. Earlier this year we asked Nintendo Life readers to send us recommendations for games we didn't manage to review. The response was good, so six months on we decided to ask for another round of recommendations.

A big thank you to everyone who responded! We've rifled through our digital correspondence sack (which included a handful of suggestions carried over from last time and several we've actually reviewed, too — hello Little Triangle and Furi!) and below you'll find twelve more Switch games that come recommended by Nintendo Life readers. Each entry (with one exception) features quotes from users, lightly edited in some cases. We've included a trailer for each game, too, to help bring you up to speed quickly.

Lacking in Switch games to keep you busy over the holiday season? We don't believe that for a second, but let's take a look — in no particular order — at some NL reader recommendations to keep an eye out for regardless.

This Strange Realm Of Mine (Switch eShop)

This Strange Realm Of Mine is a lyrical, retro-styled first-person shooter with psychological horror elements. KrazyKain had this to say:

This Strange Realm of Mine appears at first glance to be another retro shooter, and while it is that, it is also a poetic exploration of what it is to be dead, and accept your own mortality. It also has an amazing level on social anxiety that has stuck with me for months.

Mini Metro (Switch eShop)

Mini Metro is a relaxed subway network sim and puzzle game which we've enjoyed elsewhere and which made the journey to Switch a couple of years ago. NL reader pAq gives it an enthusiastic recommendation (along with another game in a similar vein):

I’d like to recommend Mini Metro (and 911 Operator), They are both sort of a top down simulation, with the former being more simplistic and symbolic in building a metro map, while the latter allows you to dive deeper into coordinating emergency units. Both have excellent sound design which combined with the simplistic gameplay, has a pleasing meditative effect.

Death's Hangover (Switch eShop)

Death's Hangover features a pair of "dead morons" who are returned by Death himself to the land of the living in female bodies. Boasting plenty of arcade action and (im)mature toilet humour, backup368 had this to say:

A Brick Breaker / Arkanoid-style game in an SNES like art style. Using the ball and paddle you destroy obstacles and crush enemies. You control two guys that the Grim Reaper turns into women, Andy controls the paddle while Bob is inside the ball you hit. They explore many floors inside Dracula's castle in search of the Dealer's lost souls. There are also cutscenes with humorous yet crude dialogue. It's also a very cheap game at that.

Sagebrush (Switch eShop)

Another first-person entry with a horror bent and a deliberately lo-tech aesthetic, reader Adam had this to say about Sagebrush:

I'm recommending Sagebrush. It's a fascinating 1st person adventure game in which you're exploring an abandoned compound of a cult. The use of PS1-style graphics and atmospheric soundscape is very reminiscent of Paratopic, though I honestly think this is a better game. This is a rare game that intelligently examines the nature of cults, why people join them, and why they are so dangerous. Best five bucks I've spent on the eShop.

Siralim 3 (Switch eShop)

Siralim 3 is a monster-catching dungeon crawler that released on Switch back in July 2019. Keengamer is appropriately keen on this game:

I’d like to suggest Siralim 3. It’s a monster catcher game, there are 700+ monsters. Battles are turn based 6v6. Each monster has a unique trait, by various mechanics you end up building a team with around 15 traits. The goal being for these to interact in a way to make you unbeatable. It has a huge amount of content and never ends. It’s also made by a tiny team (I think one guy and some volunteers).

Wuppo: Definitive Edition (Switch eShop)

An endearing puzzle-platform adventure with cute hand-drawn visuals and a co-op mode in this Definitive Edition of the game, NL reader Tido is a big fan of Wuppo:

Wuppo is a Metroidvania that's all about its crazy world and quirky characters. You play a mischievous wum, a little round creature that can wear various hats. The NPCs interact with the world in a way that makes it feel more alive and real than a lot of AAA games. Wuppo is fun and funny, it's hard to play this game without constantly smiling. It feels really unique and mostly does its own thing, it's hard to compare to other games. Graphics are beautiful too. It truly deserves more love.