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  • Video Did You Know Gaming? Tackles the Monster Hunter Franchise

    For example, segmented maps and four-player limits look set to stay

    Monster Hunter is one of Capcom's most important franchises, consistently causing retail meltdowns with impressive sales in Japan. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has performed well in the West, too, seemingly providing a breakthrough for the franchise outside of Capcom's homeland. It's...







  • News Luigi's Mansion 2 Scares Its Way Back Into the UK Top 10

    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate sneaks into the top 40

    It's UK chart day, once again, and we have more 3DS success stories to share, as two of Nintendo's notable recent releases continue to show strong momentum in the top 10. Luigi's Mansion 2 has spooked enough consumers to climb back up to 8th in the all-format chart and become the highest placed 3DS...

  • Feature Our Top 10 Third-Party 3DS Games - Summer 2013

    Going beyond Nintendo

    Last week the Nintendo Life staff voted for their favourite 3DS games at the moment, with retail and download-only titles eligible. Getting in before the swathe of hot releases coming in the next few months — kicking off with Animal Crossing: New Leaf this week — it reflected just how far the system's library had come, with...

  • News Nintendo Announces "Monster Hunter: Gift & Hunt Together Promotion" For 3DS Owners

    The ultimate gift for Europe

    One of the downsides of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the 3DS, compared to its Wii U compatriot, is that it doesn't feature online play. It does, however, have local multiplayer, which allows gamers to play with others who own either the handheld or Wii U version, so you're not entirely missing out on co-op in this...


  • Video Capcom Gets Silly With Monster Hunter X Street Fighter

    Because... why not?

    Capcom Unity is a fun resource for fans of the company's franchises, and useful for those that get utterly confused by the many intricacies of something like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. It's also a site where the company's community mods aren't shy of self-parody, which is worthy of some credit. Often happy, it seems, to amuse us...

  • News Capcom Describes Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate as a "Smash Hit"

    Monster Hunter 4 focus still seems to be on the Japanese market

    Capcom has recently revealed its annual financial results, ultimately reporting profits both in terms of net and operating incomes. It was the company's revelations on game sales that were perhaps the most interesting, with Resident Evil 6 hitting 4.9 million units but failing to hit...


  • News Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Gathering Happening This Saturday in London

    Don't leave your 3DS in the item box

    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate has been available for a good month now and Wii U gamers from around the world have been meeting up online to track ferocious beasts down together. Of course, many have picked up the 3DS version which means they can't nip online to fight with others. That hasn't stopped one bunch of...

  • News Nintendo of Europe Offers Free Game in "So Many Games!" Promotion

    Register three and get a fourth free

    In recent months we've seen Nintendo — both in Europe and North America — offer the incentive of a free game for those registering a 3DS XL. Nintendo of Europe is now stepping up with an enticing new offer featuring a list of eight retail games (both current and to be released); it's very simple, if you...

  • Video Nintendo Life Plays The First 35 Minutes Of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

    Learning the hard way

    Capcom's Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a fantastic game, but it's also a seriously hardcore experience, requiring dedication, skill and the patience of a saint. Just in case our reviews of the Wii U and the 3DS versions haven't convinced you to make the purchase, we sat our video features editor and Monster Hunter virgin Rory...

  • News Fresh Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Stock Arrives In The UK

    The hunt is back on

    Getting hold of a copy of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate in the UK has been easier said than done since the game launched in March; the popularity of Capcom's beast-slaying epic has resulted in a situation where demand has far outstripped supply. Thankfully, Nintendo UK has gotten in touch with us this morning to confirm that the...

  • News Luigi's Mansion 2 Still Scaring the UK Top 10

    Luigi's got legs

    When it comes to the UK software charts, we're typically used to seeing major games exclusive to Nintendo platforms making an early bee-line for the top 10 before, in many cases, promptly dropping back to modest placings the following week. That's not the case with Luigi's Mansion 2, however, which has steadfastly held onto the...

  • News Nintendo of Europe Apologises for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Stock Shortage

    Did you manage to hunt down a copy?

    After a fairly lengthy spell of very few notable Wii U retail releases, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate arrived in Europe on 22nd March as Capcom's latest attempt to popularise the series further in the West. It seemed to help, with the game being attributed as part of the reason for a Wii U sales spike and with the...

  • News Luigi's Mansion 2 Spooks Its Way Into UK Top Ten

    LEGO City Undercover can't quite crack the case

    Last week saw two notable new releases on Nintendo platforms in the UK, with Luigi's Mansion 2 — known as Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon in some regions — hitting 3DS, and LEGO City Undercover landing on Wii U. Luigi's ghost-filled adventure enjoyed the best performance of the two, coming in at 5th...

  • Guide Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Beginners

    Gear up and be ready

    This is the first entry in a new series of articles that you'll see on Nintendo Life in the coming weeks and months, as we aim to offer a beginner's introduction to a major franchise or release on a Nintendo system. We'll aim to provide a broad, high-level outline of what a particular series or game is all about, while providing...