Topic: Solving the issue of 16bit VC games not displaying when using a hdmi cable?

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I'm using my Wii connected via a hdmi cable to a flat screen tv and half my games don't appear on the screen when I boot them up.

I know there's meant to be ways to get them to display (pressing A, 2, and Z on the manual screen) which works sometimes but it's not really good enough.

Does anyone have a permanent solution to this problem? I'll even use an old crt tv if i have to. Is there another way to connect a wii to a flat screen tv?

Has anyone found a permanent solution to this problem?




@BongoBongo123 I am assuming you are using some sort of adapter to connect the Wii over HDMI. Does the adapter upscale the image, or does your TV receive the same resolution that the Wii is outputting?
PAL Wii VC either outputs 576i or 288p, and by pressing A, 2, Z on the manual screen you switching between them.
Depending on what the adapter does, it seems like either the adapter or the TV isn't handling one of those resolutions.
I am also in a PAL region, and I have my Wii connected to a flat screen using component. Both resolutions work, but my TV mistakes 288p for 576i so it doesn't look right when the screen moves. I have heard that newer TVs have even more issues so that might be the problem.
An old CRT will be fine with both 576i or 288p. If you would like to use a flat screen, the RetroTINK does support PAL resolutions. I have never used one myself but I have heard they are good.

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Yeah I'm using a Wii to HDMI converter. Thanks for your detailed, technical response. I knew some of this already. I can't find the original component cables that came with the Wii (since i've replaced it with the hdmi converter). Would a Scart cable solve the problem? Thanks.



@BongoBongo123 I have never used a SCART cable, but I am thinking it might help because at least the TV will be expecting an SD resolution not a HD resolution like with HDMI. I have heard of TVs struggling with lower resolutions over HDMI because it is very unusual. If the SCART cable still doesn't work with the flat screen and you end up using a CRT the SCART cable is probably the best option for it as well.



SCART will work with flat screen TVs, but the picture will not be as sharp as with component cables. I have all three official cables and whilst SCART looks great on a CRT tv, component is the best you’ll get on a flat screen.

I have a hdmi converter for the Wii and had all sorts of issues with it (random screens would be too dark for text for example). The good news is that component cable for the Wii are cheap.

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