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So basically after 8 years or so I decided to get my wii out, now the issue is I can't play the games I downloaded into a 8gb usb 8 years ago because I removed the sd card memory that had the files that made all this stuff work like homebrew channel or usb loader ETC... so I have a hacked wii with just wii sports.. lame..... now my question is how can I play the games from that usb again... I was thinking maybe do a format reset and install everything back from tutorials? since I don't remember how I hacked it that long ago

Info I gathered from browsing my OLD wii
Channels I see:

  • The homebrew channel> however when I opened it appears empty and upon clicking the menu I can see " your Wii's IP then I see 1.1.0 IOS58 V24.32 then in that menu I see back, about, LAUCH BOOTMII ETC
  • NeoGamma R9 B56 Auto
  • USB loader GX

Also inside the wii menu I see version: 4.3u

all I want is to be able to play the games from a usb again... so is there anyway to make this stuff work or I have to format the system and hack again?

This is what I see



Uh, you really shouldn't ask for help with hacked Wiis here, I don't think it's allowed.
I suggest going on GBATemp.


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@Peace-Boy The Wii is not a current gen system, and as long as he's not linking to any download sites, it's fine.



Go into USB loader and burn your games to the USB drive again.

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