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I know there's a thread for Xenoblade already, but I didn't want this to get lost in it. I had pre-ordered Xenoblade: Chronicles from GAME UK, expecting to receive the pre-order posters as described here and here. However, I was inquiring as to whether the posters would be sent internationally, and received the following email from GAME:

Hi ,

Thank you for your email.

I can confirm that the preorder bonus posters were an in-store offer only. Unfortunately this is not an offer online and is not something we will be offering with this preorder.

I apologise for any disappointment.


(Name omitted)

As no information states that this is an in-store offer only, I thought that people like myself would want to know. There goes my pre-order with them - I don't need another CCPro!

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This is annoying.

I've been in store for the second time, and asked them about the preorder details, and they're still clueless. I want the posters, I wouldn't mind another Classic Control Pro, but I don't want to pay the same money with my online preorder for a better package in-store.

They have't made this very clear, have they? The information on GAME (your second link) says the ack includes a Classic Control Pro, suggesting there is something else in the bundle. This is fraudulent if this is the case.

I've just had a look at those posters, and they look like something I can do without. I'm cancelling my fancy-pants £49.99 special limited edition preorder and changing it to the much more reasonably priced £37.99 preorder.

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Yeah, it's safe to say I wasn't too impressed. I think I sent 4 or 5 emails to their customer service before I got a useful answer - the rest just told me they 'couldn't find any information about a pre-order bonus'.

You know, that one their FREAKIN' WEBSITE SAYS YOU GET!

I ended up sending a final email suggesting that they amend the information on the website or they're likely to get other people like me who are expecting the posters. I don't think it's going to happen though!

I've sinced cancelled my pre-order with GAME and gone with another store, where I can get Xenoblade for about half of the price of the special edition.

It's a shame, I was looking forward to getting a nice bundle too!

I used to have a blog link here. I'll put it back up when the blog has something to read.

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