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what is your favorite castlevania game everybody?


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@jonky All of them! This is the absolute best franchise in the universe ... yeah not even on Earth! Even the aliens consider Castlevania as the top of the top!

If I have to pick one to play all day it would be Symphony of the Night!

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Classicvania — Super Castlevania IV

Metroidvania — Symphony of the Night.

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I've only played the ones on the anniversary collection but I loved almost all of them. I think my favorite would probably be Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse or Super Castlevania IV. Hoping to start the Advance collection in the future!

Ugh...I just want to play Xenoblade 3 :(

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Castlevania 3 and Dawn of Sorrow.

So one of the hardest and one of the easiest games in the series. How about that.

Yes I will say Dawn of Sorrow is better than Aria (or at least it was when I played them when they were new). The story is better in Aria but its not really THAT engaging either way, and I never thought the silly touch screen gimmick was that annoying in Dawn. And Dawn just looks and sounds better (despite the questionable art style change) and has even more content of roughly the same quality.

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I can't pick just one.

Rondo of Blood
Symphony of the Night
And I know this one is kind of divisive, but I've always loved the first Lords of Shadow game.



Bloodlines, CVIII, Adventure Rebirth



Mine favorite one is Metroidvania "Symphony of the Night".



The Castlevania games I’ve played are the 2019 Castlevania Grimoire of Souls and 2019 Bloodstained Ritual of the Night. What I liked about these games are the graphics and the characters design, and how they made the storylines of each battle grounds.



I am a huge fan of Richter so Rondo of Blood is my favorite Castlevania game

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4 was the first I played and it still remains my favorite.
Only one Rondo vote so far is surprising.



Classic - Generations/Bloodlines
Metroidvania - Portrait of Ruin

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Symphony of the Night , Circle of the Moon, Order of Ecclesia. Rondo of Blood is my absolute favorite Castlevania; the controls are tight, stage design is great, soundtrack is outstanding, Richter and Maria are both very fun to play as .



I’d like to add that the Curse of the Moon games are right along my fav CV games. They are CV as far as I’m concerned



I only played a fair amount of the Castlevania games, but from what I've played, I think I like these ones the best: Super Castlevania IV, Bloodlines, Rondo of Blood, and Symphony of the Night. I do want to get more into the series at some point!

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I pretty much played Rondo of Blood in between housework all day today. I even beat it, which I didn't expect since I'd been stuck on the Death fight for ages. But it's a strong contender for my favorite in the series. Great levels and music, and Maria is amazingly fun to use. It feels like the missing link between Classicvania and Metroidvania.

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Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse

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