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Just reaching out to all my 30-year-olds + out there!

So much is spoken recently of nostalgia for Gamecube now on Youtube. I think it's because it's hitting that age group who for them it was their first console and are now in university/college or just left. People with student loans or earning their own money in this big ole' world getting those purple lunch box 'feels'. Nintendo life has just done a great video about the rise in prices of physical games for it.

But who here has that same 'feel' of gazing up at the screen and having to pick between Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt? If you picked the latter we all shot at the dog when he giggled right? I ask because with each passing year it feels like the NES is getting a little dusty and left out of the conversation..

I can join active discords for the consoles that were released after its release but not the NES. Also, I have quite the excitement for NES additions to Nintendo Online on the Switch! But it's always met with teenage or 21-year old comments in the comment section of it being 'too old' - NES games never seem to hold much attention, even good ones. SNES however I believe does better for hours spent with younger people, friends of mine who are not that much younger seem to text me they are enjoying the catalogue.

In the schoolyard, in the early '90s, you had to decide were you an Italian plumber or a blue hedgehog. Admittedly by the time I had got to high school, everyone gravitated towards a lady in shades with breasts.

Yesterday I had to take to the recycling centre here in North Wales the original television my cousin and I played her NES. Admittedly it wasn't the same tv I grew up playing mine (that thing bit the dust years ago) but it was a bittersweet moment leaving behind the screen that entertained me with Shadowgate all those summers ago in 1987 to 1992. Bit by bit a little piece of NES nostalgia going missing.

The Philips TV literally had one aerial socket. And that's all that mattered.
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@ThomasCasson Well yeah retro gaming comes and goes in cycles just like anything else nostalgia based.

For example several years ago Elvis collectibles went for crazy prices but now that generation is sadly coming to an end. Elvis just doesn't mean as much to newer generations and now we are coming to that with the NES. That's all.

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I hope Nintendo will one day re-release the NES system and its most popular games with the original box, manuals, maps. If the classic editions are any indication, they will sell extremely well.



The NES is truly my favorite of the 80s/90s retro consoles. As fond as I am of many SNES and Genesis games, the NES has so many more that mean something to me. My first game console as an antiquated Atari 5200 hand-me-down from my brother-in-law in 1987, but my heart truly went into video games when I got my NES for Christmas in 1988. I still have that grey box, plus a 1993 toploader I purchased used in the 2000s somewhere. I have that one hooked up to a friends 2000s era flatscreen CRT in the kitchen, near a window, so, on sunny days, I can go back to my retro collection and have a great time. I believe I have over 60 games for the NES, I've never actually counted. I have all 3 SMB games, all 6 Megaman games, the 4 Dragon Warrior/Quest games, all 3 Ninja Turtles games, and dozens more, of both famous hits and obscure stuff nobody's seen in ages.

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I'm in my lower 30s and NES was actually the first console I recall playing (even though I believe the SNES would have been out by the time I'm remembering). Still, most of my nostalgia comes from the N64/GCN era, to be honest. So the GCN nostalgia does not just come from the younger ones for whom the GCN was their first console.

The oldest game that I consider one of my favorites is Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (and that's really the only SNES title that makes it). I enjoyed games so much more once we moved into the N64 era.

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I'm 41 and still a Nintendo loyalist so I guess I qualify. Right around the N64 era was when I started getting crap for sticking by them but hey I wouldn't be a gamer today if it wasn't for the fond memories I have with this company! Which by the way I still feel they are the best at making the most memorable and fun gaming experiences! I used to be Nintendo only but that changed once I realized I needed to open myself up to all aspects of gaming. That and by my teens I wanted some more mature stuff to play and let's face it Nintendo while great at cute and colorful their adult section is somewhat lacking.

Anyway yeah Nintendo forever!



I'm not quite in my 30s yet (29 here - so I'm one year away), but I definitely have some NES nostalgia, even before the Virtual Console days. While living with my bro and dad we had the NES alongside the Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt combo cartridge, so we played that quite a lot. We ended up getting more games for it later down the road. (like SMB2, SMB3, Bubble Bobble, Mega Man 3, Dragon Warrior, etc.) I think we had like 20 of them altogether? We had a Top Secret Passwords player's guide too, which showed off passwords and level select codes for various games. I used to read it a lot as a kid, it was a good resource for me to see games I've never even heard of before.

Most of my fondness comes from the SNES, N64, and GameCube eras though, since they were around while I was quite young. I didn't exist in the 80s, after all, and the SNES was the one console we had back in the early 90s. The SNES was the first console I have played, while the N64 was the first one that I owned. So many awesome games that made me the gamer I am today - Super Mario World, F-Zero, the DKC trilogy, Yoshi's Island, Mario Kart 64, Super Mario 64, Luigi's Mansion, Super Smash Bros. Melee - and I could go on and on if I really wanted to.

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Wow! I am 38 and grew up in Sheffield and I find it interesting that so many younger people have NES memories. I didn't see one till I was 8 after having grown up watching the 80s TV ads featuring ROB and gyromite. We had an Atari 2600 which was abandoned for a c64 in 1990...
Anyway back to the topic..I was entranced by mario and played for an hour aunt's house. I thought I had broken the game when I found the warp pipe in 1-2!
I feel like Nintendo didn't really get a look in round my way due to sega and home computers, plus they were way more expensive to buy games for which must have put parents off.

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I'm 38 and didn't get a Nintendo console until the SNES, before that we had a C64 and then a Master System.
I have to say that I'm not particularly nostalgic towards a lot of older games and feel those early gen especially really haven't held up well. There's probably 2 or 3 NES games that I would happily play, the rest just feel dated and I get needlessly frustrated with them.

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I am 40 and NES is still my favorite console - love to play these old games and still have my console from 86 or was 87 or 88? Can't remember when I got it and unfortunately we don't have many Christmas photos from back in the day. It was the NES with the Ice Climbers cartridge. I still have about 33 games and most of them with boxes and instruction manuals (some of the boxes still look like new).

I especially love the Megaman games (only have no 2), Battle of Olympus, Batman, all the Mario games, Banana Prince, Faxanadu, Castlevania and so on. Nowadays I play all these great games on the NES Mini or on the Switch. But I'd rather play NES than SNES games. Never owned a SNES back in the day so I don't feel nostalgic towards it.



This may sound strange but I can still fire up my Nes and Snes today and alot of the games feel just as fresh and exciting as they did back in the day! It doesn't really feel like it's been 30+ years. The developers were so ahead of their time and full of creativity! I remember the first time I picked up that Nes controller. It was like I was witnessing some kind of sorcery! As I pressed buttons the little characters on screen were at my command! My little mind was blown!




I only have 3 games for it but they are extremely special to me!

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the very first one).
2. Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest
3. Faxanadu

And I too fire up my NES from time to time. I only bough the NES last year because 25 years ago I had a Chinese bootleg NES console that played bootleg NES games. I am so happy to finally own the REAL DEAL!



35 here, the NES is one of my favorite consoles of all time and I still bust if out quite regularly. The mario bros/duck hunt cartridge was the first game I ever played, so I can totally relate to what you said. While gaming is still great nowadays, it was so much more magical and exciting back then. Also, who would of imagined that those games would still be relevant and played to this day.



Mid-40s...and started on game consoles with Pong. Then moved to Atari games because my cousin had one. The NES was my first console for xmas and we played Super Mario during the whole xmas break. Back then computers were often owned by the well-to-do but the C64 was a bit more affordable. The NES was a cheaper way to play a good RPG like Zelda.



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