Topic: Who's old school Nintendo? Like gets excited for NES!?

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I am 38, and the NES is a very important part of my life, I still have my NES. It’s such a great console, and I have so many memories in it.



NES was my first console, I played some Super Mario Bros today actually. I own multiple times but revisiting with Retro Achievements. It was my first game so it’s very special to me.

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I can't say that I harbour much nostalgia for the NES/SNES (most of my NES experiences were via bootleg knock-offs in Turkey that contained the likes of Duck Hunt, Donkey Kong etc.), but I am especially nostalgic for Game Boy games. I love the aesthetic, the sound, music, everything. Despite how antiquated (and/or monochromatic) they are, I love it. I can't say that I feel quite the same about the technical constraints of NES games, as Game Boy games generally seemed more sophisticated than its console daddy.

The original Pokémon games absolutely blew my mind back in the day and I don't think I had ever wanted to play a game so badly. Unfortunately, I couldn't muster the audacity to ask my parents to buy me a AU$100+ device to pay AU$50ish games (my folks weren't very well off back then) but I had to resort to "other means", at least until 2005, when I bought my very first console, the Nintendo DS (until that point, I primarily gamed via PC).

What also blew my mind was the Game Boy Color. I couldn't believe that a portable device with a full colour screen could run on a few AA batteries (I had no idea about the Game Gear or any similar colour handhelds as they were either never released in Australia or had virtually no market penetration).

It's absolutely incredible how far we have come, and I can't help but feel irritated at those who whine about the Switch not being powerful enough or other trivialities. We now have access to a portable gaming device that is on par with home consoles from only a few years ago. I understand that people want more meat on the console's bones, so to speak, but Nintendo is fulfilling a niche that nobody else is, and those who demand superior performance can always opt for either of the console twins or PC, but convenience and flexibility trumps raw performance for me. I must say that I am infinitely more impressed by the Switch port of DOOM (2016) than the PC version (which I played after the fact).

When all is said and done though, I will always have a special place in my heart for GB/GBC games, which will never go "out of fashion" in my eyes, and I would love for such games to be re-released on Switch, ideally in the form of physical compilations, though I understand the reluctance of publishers, as they may be deemed a touch too antiquated by most. I would absolutely be first in line if Nintendo ever releases something akin to a Game Boy Mini.

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Born in 91, grew up watching my dad play his NES until I developed the motor skills to play myself. Original Zelda, Super Mario Bros., Ice Hockey and the greatest football game ever made Tecmo Super Bowl with the full NFL license and rosters from 1991. Best part is that everything still works to this day. Even the cartridges with internal save batteries. Magnificent.



I have some nostalgia for NES, as its the first system I ever owned, but some of its just become so overdone nowadays. Everyone does 8 bit retro stuff at some point, both in and even outside of gaming itself. If you have a show or movie or anything and you need to showcase something is video gamey, its likely to be some 80s retro game sort of look (and almost certainly sprites for the characters, even if it isn't 8-bit). And Nintendo's done NES nostalgia like a billion times already. They probably do nostalgia for the NES more than they do nostalgia for all their other older systems combined. And while they don't get the amount of focus they used it, it was also like a running gag about how often indie games could be "retro 8 bit platformer".

It's hard to be excited for something nostalgic for nostalgia's sake if it never actually goes away.

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Paperboy. I will always remember Paperboy. And I beat it



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