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Hi all, opening a post here to find an old SNES game.

Been looking for it for long long time. Don't remember the name, it's Japanese, it's like an adventure game (like in space?) that you can select stages. You can select 3 characters, 1 is like Gundam (human-like), the other is red in color like a bird (bulky size), and the last one is like a dog (it can do rolling jump). All three are robots and they can use special attack. Stages are like underwater and a base in the space. I believe it's the first 2 stages. I never managed to get to stage 3. You can always switch character during your play in each stage, because you need them to activate something if remember it right. Bosses are like all the way on the right hand side.

Somewhat very cool background music. I played it in the late 90s and lost the game after moving out. Trying to look up online but it's harder than expected. Appreciate any help. Thanks!



SD The Great Battle series?
Though I don't know any with an exact match.



Wait, I think I know exactly what that game is now: Xardion.

The first boss "Arms" a giant lobster. I remember grinding to max level replaying the first stage the first time I rented that game because the boss just kept beating me. That was actually my first time playing a game with an EXP system.

Trivia: the Japanese actually completely skips the title sequence if there is a saved game, immediately loading it after the game boots up. (if that so happened to be the version you played, I guess the title would be even more forgettable. )

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@KingMike Sorry for this really late reply!! That's the ONE!!! I remember there's a stage in forest and there's never an end to it lol =D It's the first few games I'd played back then! Big thanks!!!!



@ThanosReXXX Late reply. Not these games but they look cool after watching the videos! I've missed out a lot of these games back then, catching up now lol thanks.



@Stayhome2game No worries, man. I was just throwing some possible titles out there, but I see someone else already found the one you were actually looking for, so problem solved, right?

But yes, the SNES truly had a lot of great games, and some of them are true hidden gems.

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