Topic: NES Hardware Clones: Comparison?

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Hello all,
I am considering getting an NES clone(very explicitly no, not the kinds of famiclones with pirated copies of games built in) and there are 3 I'm thinking of that I can find in the 16-18 dollar price range on Amazon:
-Retro Bit "Retro Entertainment System"
-GamerzTek "8-Bit Entertainment System" (standard AV model)
-Yobo "Factor 5"

As I understand it, from each one I would just have to suck it up with the audio quality (sad face)...but as for video quality and ability to play games, I have a couple questions, if anyone's had experience with these:

-Does the Factor 5 have any significantly worse performance than the other two? I kind of like the novelty of the 5 included generic games (though I understand they aren't that good)

-Do any of these stand out as performing much better than the others?

-For anyone who owns a clone console like this, what's your experience been?

-Any other recommendations?



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