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I thought id start a thread based on my own experiences with the n64 and gamecube , getting the best out of them without blowing loads of money on rgb and hdmi mods.

Il start with the pal n64:

I keep seeing comments on how it hasn't aged well. We cannot improve the framerate but the image quality largely depends on the tv type.
It simply looks awful on all the lcd/led tvs I have tryed.

Use a 4:3 crt tv ideally up to 21" with an s video socket. 28" will not be as sharp but still better the led. Sony trinitron flat screen or bang and olufsen are particularly good but even lesser brands will wipe the floor with modern hd tvs. The sound is usually better on the decent crts as well.

Head on over to and get a modded s video lead for pal consoles(Most s video leads are for ntsc machines and will have display issues with pal consoles). Use a scart/composite adapter for the sound. The difference between s video and rf/composite is night and day. I doubt a large modern hdtv with hdmi modded n64 will be as good as this.

I could not believe the image quality when using an s video n64, the details are so much clearer and defined. Ends all the debates about n64 vs ps1 visuals!

Ntsc n64:

same as above but use a good ntsc s video lead.

Pal gamecube:

ignoring the component cables ( which are only compatible with some consoles ) , can cost hundreds of pounds and will only do 480p on ntsc consoles, id do the following..

If you already own a crt then a good rgb cable is the best bet. The image still looks good with a composite on a good crt.

If you want to use the gamecube on a modern hdtv and care about the best image quality my advice is to sell the gamecube and buy a wii and an official component cable. Image quality is very sharp, nearly as good as a good crt with rgb. You can play pal gamecube games on the wii as it has gamecube memory card and controller slots.

*Not sure on if all pal wii consoles are compatible with component cables?

Ntsc gamecube:

Not sure on price of ntsc component leads..480p on component cables is the best image. Hold down b on bootup and select progressive scan.
*Must be a console with digital av out socket.

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"Not sure on the price of NTSC component cables"
It's ridiculous, that's all that needs to be said.
The only thing a GameCube can do that a Wii can't are the Game Boy Player and whatever games can use the Network Adapter. (LAN Mario Kart) I guess you're out of luck if you must play those.
(GBP is good, but would component really be better than composite anyways considering we're talking about games designed to be played originally for a small, dark handheld screen?)



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