Topic: Issue with snes that causes game braking bugs.

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Hi! I have a Snes (the grey one, European?) and I noticed some bugs when I was playing Zelda Alttp when playing against Armos Knights. They basically just glitched around and being next to impossible to hit, And the icons on the map are not showing correctly. I'm sure there is more but these I found first.

Next game Super Mario World, Only played for a few levels and found some game breaking things here too. I've tried all the down pipes in the first few levels and all of them causes Mario to fall through the floor under it. This is however avoidable by jumping off Yoshi but then he falls through. And the picture will show the bug on one other level.

My first thought is something is wrong with the console but I have really no knowledge about it, It worked for the first 22 years of my life so I never bothered.

I have ordered the proper tool to open it but any help on what to look for or what It could be would be greatly appreciated.

I have cleaned the contacts with rubbing alcohol.

not sure if this will work but



@Rillenn I have seen glitches regarding the European copy of mario all stars on you tube last year. I would link the you tube video, but I do not want your thread to be locked. I think you could find the videos if you type in "european model snes glitches" in the search box of YouTube. DekoTheDragon is the user. I would talk to the user about these glitches. he would seem to know something about this.

A great YouTube Channel I am involved with: Phoenix Splash TV


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