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I want to hook up my old nintendo to new tv. Can I just use that rv cable thing like I used on my old tv? Does it hurt the tv?



yes thats what i do as well. now prepare for people to tell you your games wont look as good on a flat screen, (im looking at you Waveboy lol) but i dont have any problem with it. it doesnt make beating games any harder. enjoy

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By rv do you mean av or rf? Cause you can use either as long as tv has proper inputs. - Dayman
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It is an rf switch I see. Looked on it now to see. I'v been wanting to hook this thing up months ago and had decided that it was not possible. Then got to looking at it again tonight and thought, ah ha, I will ask my computer for help. I don't know why I never thought of hooking it up how it was on my old tv. I can't wait to try it. I'm not very technical and these things tend to make me nervous.

Thanks for the input.



For the SNES I would say get a cheap cable like the one below. RF is the worst and S-Video is the best for SNES if your TV has that input.


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On my tv I see the red, yellow, and white, but not that black plug-in thing. But I think they may all be on the back of my vcr player. So I'm guessing the blue plug goes into the nintendo? Do I need that black plug plugged in? If so can I just plug it into my vcr player? Where would I get that cable?



that black plug is your s-video one — if you've got a port for that on your VCR or TV you'd be better off using it for your video than the yellow plug. it doesn't carry audio, though, so you'll still need to use the red and white hookups for that.

you can hook up your SNES to your VCR if you like. you'll just have to make sure your VCR is turned on and tuned into its aux or input channel every time you want to play it. don't ask me about lag, though — idk about that since i don't have an HDTV. :3

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