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Virtua Racing - (Sega Ages)
VS. Excitebike - (Arcade Archives)

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  • The Booster Course Pack DLC for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (bought last Friday).
  • Physical pre-order of Kirby & the Forgotten Land (which should hopefully arrive this Friday).

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 to prepare for part 3 later this year.



Kirby. Will be fun

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Dying Light: Platinum Edition (Physical)




Today's haul. Got pokemon for 30$ so I'm really happy with it. Haven't played a Pokemon game since Alpha Saphire!

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Kirby and the forgotten land and rune factory 5 just shipped.

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Got Seabed on discount, this really is more of a novel than a lot of the other visual novels but its nice and relaxing, very hard focus on description of normally unnecessary things though. I wonder if i will find it too boring or enjoy it greatly

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This week I’ve bought the Mario Kart 8 dlc, Kirby and the forgotten land
And at last I finally bought Hades
Gonna be a good weekend



Just Kirby this week. I've also pre-ordered the Animal Crossing series 5 amiibo album (I already have all of the cards good to go).

I'm really tempted to finally pick up the Animal Crossing DLC this week, but I'm also really resenting it as it's bloody expensive (more than half of what I paid for the game itself!).

I've also bought a crap-ton of turnips for the first time (over 8 million bells' worth), and I'm hoping that some kind stranger will allow me to sell them on their island (if my own prices fail to deliver) as Nintendo is currently offering another 7-day NSO trial.

If I make a lot of bells this week, then I probably won't ever bother grinding for bells ever again, which will give me plenty of time to enjoy the DLC content (and the amiibo cards).

Either way, in the event that a complete physical edition materialises, be it locally or in Japan, I'll grab that too.

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This War of Mine: Complete Edition (Digital) 95% off



I got the Megaman Zero/ZX Collection finally. Tbh, I was slightly worried being the 3rd Megaman series compilation on Switch would mean there wouldn't be enough retail copies out there, so it made sense to buy it over other things at this point.

It is also weird that as a huge Megaman fan, I've only played one of these, and I technically only own four retail Megaman releases (even if another one of them is also a collection).

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I purchased Kirby this week, but used my points to get metro redux and inside. Couldn’t get into metro after a few hours, happy I didn’t really pay for it. Kirby has been lots of fun for all of us. I’ll play inside at some point. But for $3/free, it can wait.



I got recently physical copy of FFX/FFX-2 for switch, never actually played this one, but I heard many times it's one of best in the series.



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